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                       Stroke order [red-blue-yellow-green-black-red….]

Kanji is one of four types of script (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Roman-script) in Japanese. Rough proportions of each script is said to be 30%, 65%, 4% and 1% respectively. Kanji has an important role in Japanese text, although the percentage of Kanji is smaller than that of Hiragana. Kanji-written words can appear in either single or compound form, with or without Hiragana. 

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Consequently, Kanji originated in Chinese characters which were introduced to Japan in the 1st century from China (There are some other theories about when kanji came to Japan.), is importantly embedded in Japanese text. (There are many similarities between Kanji and Chinese characters, although some differences also exist.)
If you understand Kanji, you can read Japanese rapidly and profoundly.
Please remember that Kanji is absolutely the key script to step up your Japanese!

Kanji Dojo


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