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3ZZZ 92.3 FM, Japanese community broadcast station is on air every Sunday noon to 1 pm.
With their big dream, these four volunteers keeps broadcasting from the small station in Fitzroy.

Maaya (Maya Suzuki)
2nd year of university (Business major)
In charge of Japanese entertainment news and PR etc.

3ZZZ is the Australia’s biggest multi-language community broadcast station.
It represents the multicultural city, Melbourne and covers 70 different languages.
It broadcasts 24 hours everyday without any breaks.
You can listen to the station tuning into FM 92.3MHz.
They broadcast so many languages including not only countries’ common languages such as Greek, Italian, and Japanese, but also dialects such as Palestine and Panjabi, and general-purpose language such as Esperanto.
The radio wave is coming from top of Dandenong same as other general TV and radio station.
It covers broad areas where you can see from Mt. Dangenong;Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington peninsula, Macedon rages.

Tomo (Tomohiro Matsuoka)
Main personality
Host presenter, in charge of general information etc.
Representative of 3ZZZ Japanese broadcast

3ZZZ 92.3 FM, Japanese community broadcast station is on air every Sunday noon to 1 pm.

The content is mostly Japanese news. They broadcast Japanese news several times during the show.
Japanese economics, politics, and general news for 10 mins, entertainment news for 10 mins, speical picks of the day for 10 mins, Melbourne news for 10 mins, and between the news they play music.

Total listeners of 3ZZZ is said to be around 400,000 but Japanese broadcast listeners are only few hundreds.
Most of the listeners are Japanese but more Australians who study Japanese are listening to the show.

Today’s special pick news was the Japanese Festival which was held the next week. Guest was (writer, Ita-san) and he explained about the festival for 7 minutes.

Naoko (Naoko Masuda)
University student (communication and media major)
In charge of news from Melbourne

This Japanese broadcasting team consists of 6 members (including 2 mixers) + 2 PR (one of the PR is broadcasting stuff too).
All of them are volunteers.
Actually the number of the members is not enough; they work almost without any holidays.
They are now recruiting few more volunteers.

3ZZZ is a community broadcasting and they do not take any sponsors. It is based on contribution from registered members.
In order to secure one hour spot, they need at least 20 registered members and annual fee is $20.
In fact, the Japanese broadcast station is having hard time to maintain 40 members.

Chris (Chris Ishizuka)
Born in Melbourne, 2nd generation Japanese. His Japanese is native level.
In charge of mixer

For example, the Greek broadcasting has 6 hours spot every week therefore they need at least 240 members.
For the Japanese broadcasting, even recruiting 40 members is hard.

The Japanese festival on 16th of May, 3ZZZ had a booth and Naoko Masuda was there to respond any enquiry.

Japan festival

3ZZZ locates backside of the town hall in Fitzroy, looking from Brunswick st.
It locates in a quiet neighbourhood.

3ZZZ shares the building with a fashion school. Broadcasting studio has 2 rooms; one for on air and one for stand by.

3ZZZ Japanese broadcasting
Address:1st floor,144 George St. Fitzroy
Phone:03 9415-1923 (Sunday 11:30am – 1:00pm)
To become a member please call 9415-1923 during on air
3ZZZ Japanese program official website

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