Kirin's Megumi is one of the best premier Japanese beers brewed by the Kirin Brewery Company.
It is the only Japanese beer brewed in Australia.
The Megumi beer is now available at some of Melbourne's leading restaurants.This refreshing premier beer can be enjoyed with many different types of cuisines.

Mr. Akio Soga

Mr. Soga, an executive chef of ‘Hanabishi’, has served dishes to former Japanese Prime Minister, Noboru Takeshita, as well as national guests in America. The dedicated chef has chosen the popular dish as the one best suited to Kirin Megumi.

Sophisticated flavor of Kirin Megumi goes well with the delicate taste of crispy fried “Scampi Minoage”. Coated with crispy shredded potato, scampi is juicy and rich in taste. It’s garnished with Japanese gingko, which gives a bitter kick to it.

This dish perfectly matches Kirin Megumi’s mouth-feel and aftertaste. Pure creamy Kirin Megumi and crispy juicy “Minoage” bring out each flavor best.

Australian barley is commonly used for Japanese beer. The essence of the ingredients is its freshness and management. So, Kirin Megumi is genuinely “delicious”. Nose comes first, then ‘tasty aroma’ and full of freshness.

Mr. Soga also makes special attention to selecting ingredients. ‘Hanabishi’ buys in the finest ingredients from reliable production areas, as well as checks them thoroughly before cooking.

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You can cook this dish at home by using shrimp on the market. The key is to soak potatoes in water to remove starch!


URL: http://www.hanabishi.com.au/
Add: 187 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
TEL: 03 9670 1167     Fax: 03 9670 6506
Email: [email protected]
Business hours: Monday to Friday
Lunch 12PM-2:30PM / Dinner 6:00PM-9:30PM

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