【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Sweet and spice is important in both life and cooking!

When we talk about the golden ratio in Japanese cooking, it usually means 1 part soy sauce to 1 part mirin.

This time we’ve mixed mirin with SAN-J’s Organic gluten-free soy sauce and put it to the test. We’ve chosen to marinate the chicken wings with the sauce and baked it to perfection.


Mmm, a sweet aroma wafts in the kitchen – a sign that the umami of the soy sauce has been brought through! This will be great for BBQs too! 


Flavoured with a combination of sweet and salty, these wings were finished within minutes!
Regardless of age and gender, these wings are sure-win!


Try mixing this with a little bit of potato starch to form a paste and use it for a vegetable dip. The slight saltiness will draw out the natural sweetness from the vegetables.


There’s no going wrong if you use this to season your stir fries, soup and marinades!
Deliciousness with a natural taste, this tamari soy sauce will help you bring out the flavours of your ingredients.


Use tamari soy sauce and upgrade your cooking today!


By Kurilui

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In this series, we’ll show you how to use Ichiba Junction’s highly recommended San-J tamari soy sauce to bring the charm to your dinner table.



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