Ibuki Japanese Cusine

Enjoy Ibuki's special meals in a warm atmosphere

The owner and head chef of the restaurant is Mr. Tsukasa Ibuki, who specializes in high quality seafood cooking. All of the fish is supplied directly to ensure that it is extremely fresh and of superb quality.

In addition, Mr. Ibuki also exclusively offers other Japanese seafood delicacies such as salted fish entrails not to mention a wide drinks selection of beer, wine, and traditional Japanese sake rice wine and ‘shochu' (Japanese style vodka).

Mr. Ibuki first entered the world of cooking from the mere age of 7, and after traveling the whole of Japan, has been cooking in Melbourne, managing Japanese restaruants for the past 50 years. Taking great pride in his slogan 'I will not let my customers down', Mr. Ibuki has attracted and served countless customers over several generations.

Ibuki's restaurant, Flinders Lane opened in November 2009 at ground floor of an elite hotel, Mercure Hotel. Located in the centre of the city, it is only 5 minutes from Flinders station. The concept of the restaurant is where everyone can come in casually without any hesitation. The room is designed by Ibuki himself.

Hiroshige's ukiyoe (Japanese art drawing) and calligraphies of local artists on the wall gives the inside of the restaurant calmness and peacefulness. Some tables are walled with Japanese chick blinds so that customers can enjoy meals in a private atmosphere.

You might see some regular customers drink some alcohol with Tsukasa Ibuki at the centre bar counter. Same as the main restaurant, you can find excellent variety of Japanese sake, sho-chu, wine, and beer.
It is a casual restaurant but the quality of the taste of course is authentic. The freshness and quality of the food alike Ibuki's Lonsdale restaurant can show a personality of authentic Japanese food. Enjoy Ibuki's special meals at Ibuki's Flinders Lane restaurant.


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