Megumi Japanese Restaurant

The first real Sushi restaurant in Frankston

The chefs use gloves when preparing raw fish and have thorough training in sushi preparation and cutting. Being particular about the authenticity of the cuisine the chefs select seasonings that are the same as those used in Japan, such as Soy Sauce.
For those that have never tried Japanese food before the chefs can customize the food to suit your particular taste.

You can try "Wagyu" and "Toro" for which the restaurant is renowned or select from the chef recommendations for the fish dishes. The fish is very fresh and of the highest quality as the restaurant has a special root connection to the fish market.
Many celebrities in Frankston are gathering here almost every night to eat this fantastic food.

Featured Menu

Yasu Special (Entree) $18.00
The plate is serve with 5 kinds of Sushi. Wagyu, a scallop, a prawn, an eel and a tobiko. It is great if you want a light meal or if you can’t eat raw fish.

Tempura Plate $23.00
This plate is stacked with many kinds of "TEMPURA" which is a very standard Japanese food.

Gar Fish $17.00
Gar Fish is "Sayori" in Japanese. This dish is a popular low fat food served with carrots and kidney beans.

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