Kodama (return to me)

A collection of work by Japanese contemporary jeweller (living in Melbourne), Yuko Fujita. Melbourne jeweller, Yuko Fujita, has transformed recycled objects of distinctly domestic and ordinary origins into bold pieces of jewellery.

SAMURAI are coming to Melbourne!

Ever dreamed to be a Samurai? Come join us!
SAMURAI is a universally recognised part of the Japanese culture.
This year in July, Melbourne will host a big Samurai event, a great chance to experience Samurai culture.

Making Origami for Kids

The paper folding artist Yayoi Okumura is having
an origami class for kids at ebisu design during these
school holidays.

Public Lecture by Professor Shuhei Hosokawa

Faculty of Arts in conjunction with the Walter Mangold Trust are delighted to present the? 2010 Walter Mangold Visiting Fellow

Professor Shuhei Hosokawa, International Research Centre of Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan

“Writing the Mother Tongue from Afar: literary activities of Japanese immigrants in Brazil”

A Japanese Documentary Movie: The Universal Principle

Why were we all born?
Why do we encounter painful and sad situations?

Everything may be happening just for the special day.

A miracle of encountering the special person
despite of the little chance of meeting someone
in the vast universe and enormous time.

Support Japanese Radio Station 3ZZZ!!

3ZZZ is the Australia’s biggest multi-language community broadcast station.
It represents the multicultural city, Melbourne and covers 70 different languages.
It broadcasts 24 hours everyday without any breaks.
You can listen to the station tuning into FM 92.3MHz.

Learn the Essence of Sake

A “sake” tasting sponsored by Sommeliers Australia was held at “Hanabishi” restaurant, on Tuesday, May 4th, with Mr. Masahiko Iga, the distinguished Sake sommelier of the association, serving various kinds of “sake”. The number of participants was limited to 14.

The Japan Festival

The festival started early in the morning in a deep fog with a temperature of less than 10 degrees Celsius, but the fog cleared around noon, leading to a clear sky and good weather. The temperature went up to almost 20 degrees in the afternoon, resulting in an outstanding Japan Festival.

Long Play: Goemon

The film draws on the 16th Century Japanese folk legend of Goemon Ishikawa a ninja bandit hero who – similarly to Robin Hood – stole valuables from the rich and gave them to the poor. Over time he has become a much loved figure in Japan, being the inspiration for many Kabuki plays and even having a dedicated video game series. Kiriya takes the seeds of the legend and builds around them an epic tale of heroism and sacrifice.