Warm Up at Sakura Lounge and Spa

17 June 2020 


Sakura Lounge is a massage spa that is like a hidden retreat in the city. When you open the door, the serenity of Japan is waiting for you inside. Its popularity is spreading by word of mouth, so now people are planning holidays from other states to come and visit Sakura Lounge.

Sakura Lounge offers eight diverse courses of massage including Japanese shiatsu massage, seitai massage, and aromatherapy. They also offer reiki healing therapy, hot stone therapy, and facials, which help harmonise the balance between body and soul.

If you are not sure what kind of massage will suit your body, they recommend the full 2.5-hour package. (From $145) This allows them to thoroughly loosen up your body from head to toe, to stimulate blood flow and relieve blockages.

At Sakura Lounge, they think that to truly relax you should spend time unwinding with friends, your partner, or with your family. So, they have a newly-furnished tatami room where up to three people can receive a massage together.


Newly-furnished Kyoto Room

Now, let's go to the Kyoto Room upstairs.


In this eight-mat tatami room, there are three futon sets. There is soft, warm lighting and the scent of new tatami mats. The room features soundproof Japanese screen-style glass doors.

Filled with Japanese elegance, I feel as if I came into an incognito Japanese inn.

I tried the Shiatsu massage. I lay on my stomach, with my face resting in a ring-shaped massage pillow. According to therapist Kumiko Yoshida, when she touches someone's body, she can feel their knots and understand the lifestyle habits of that person.

It feels just like being pushed using some kind of equipment and the energy that flows into your body makes your arms and legs warm up. Maybe it was because my circulation improved, but after the treatment even my mind felt refreshed and my face was light pink like a cherry blossom.

There are about 20 therapists at Sakura Lounge. They concentrate on improving their skills by holding staff study groups and workshops as required.

The owner, Jason says "I want to provide the best technique in Melbourne, so that when people say "shiatsu," they think Sakura Lounge."

Clients can feel the powerful spirit and warm hospitality at Sakura Lounge. They have eliminated the superfluous and really value what is left.

Showers and hair dryers are provided and you can make reservations online.

I want to spend some quality time together with special friends, family, and colleagues at Sakura Lounge.

Article: Kurilui
Translation: Melanie Taylor

Sakura Lounge
8-10 Warburton Lane, Melbourne 3000
03 9642 3663

Monday – Friday 10am – 6.30pm
(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday till 8:30pm)
Saturday 10am – 6.30pm
Sunday 11am – 6:30pm


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