Improve your body and mind with Holistic Therapy

Our everyday nutritional balance has an immeasurable effect on our bodies. I’ve heard that “nutritional therapy”, using vitamins and minerals, with a customised health plan, not only aims to improve your physical health but also your mental health and I went to try it out.

Chikako Tarui gives advice at Sakura Holistic Care
Chikako said that since she was young she had been interested in maintaining her health the natural way and had an interest in nutritional medicine. Nutritional therapy aims to treat health issues by improving meals, supplementing your diet with nutrition from natural sources, supporting the body’s natural functions and easing pre-existing conditions and diseases.

I soon went to the clinic.

Firstly, the current condition of your health, your diet and your lifestyle are analysed by a consultation and questionnaire.  By Chikako’s precise questions, your everyday habits are made clear. She thoroughly discusses with the client any concerns and issues that the client wants to improve.

In addition, iridology (the iris in the eye is observed and a diagnosis is made about the condition of your health) is performed, tests for zinc deficiency are carried out, and your overall physical condition is analysed. I was surprised that health issues could be precisely found by the condition of one’s tongue and fingernails.

Moreover, according to the results of the information gained by the consultation, an analysis including things occurring at the cellular level in your body takes place, and advice is given.

Chikako gave me advice on how to take care of my low body temperature. She explained to me in a way that was easy to understand, how to eat the foods that she recommended me to eat. She gave me a lot of beneficial information such as that dried fruits are better for helping to warm up my body temperature than fresh fruit because they have been left to sit in the sunlight. Recipes that use the ingredients I am recommended to eat are particularly useful. I am intent on trying to make a ‘dhal curry’ recipe that uses beans and ginger.

Other than this, she gave me tips on taking care of myself in my lifestyle. She said as an example, that when people who don’t take care of their health, make improvements in their life such as their diet, the changes appear within a couple of days.


This certainly reaffirms that your well-being comes from your diet. As the clinic prepares a range of programs to suit a variety of people, it is all the more satisfying when you the complete goals set in your program. You can see the changes in your own body. Chikako will support you with her abundant knowledge and experience, so let’s make the first step towards a healthy life in Melbourne.

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