【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 How to Make A Crispy Salad with Soy Sauce Dressing

This Japanese-style salad with a soy sauce dressing is a side dish that can be enjoyed at parties. It’s a very popular organic and gluten-free crispy salad, made with tamari soy sauce.


There are only three ingredients needed for this dish: lettuce, canned smoked oysters and crunchy noodles. The crunchy fried noodles are available at the supermarket.


The fragrance of the tamari soy sauce will spread instantly when you fill the pot, as to be expected of a product of the Yamasa-affiliated San-J company (established in 1804). Even though the salt content is moderate, it is full of flavour. The shade will be a deep blend of orange and purple.


All you need to do is cut the lettuce roughly, and mix in the three ingredients! Preparation time is approximately one minute. Pour the organic gluten-free tamari soy sauce over the ingredients and add vinegar and sesame oil as you like.

The rich flavour of the soy sauce and the tastiness of the other ingredients complement each other, and although the combination is simple, you can taste the depth of flavour.


If you add a stir-fry, marinade or soup, there is no doubt that your cooking ability will improve! In our next recipe, we will introduce more ways of using tamari soy sauce in cooking!


By Kurilui

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In this series, we’ll show you how to use Ichiba Junction’s highly recommended San-J tamari soy sauce to bring the charm to your dinner table.



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