Enjoying this summer? But take care of yourself under the sun.

The item for sale on February is selected in our home brand UMAMI series. Please give a try to them.


UMAMI Ebi Katsu 1kg


Already half cooked. Deep fry in 170 degrees oil for 4-5 minutes.


UMAMI Prawn Karaage 1kg


Already cooked. Just deep fry again into the 170 degrees oil for 30-50 seconds.


UMAMI Masago (Seasoned Capelin Roe) 500g


Ideal for sushi roll, chirashi sushi or salad etc.

The difference between masago and tobikko click here


UMAMI Natto 45g x 4pkts


Rich source of protein

For health benefit of natto: click here


Instant Miso Soup & Cup Set 1set

Expire: 21 March 2020

$1.25 $0.95



All stocks must go! Special sale until the stocks last.


Veggie Shot Peach Juice Blend 898ml


Blended four kinds of fruit with 20 kinds of vegetables carefully and please enjoy the sweetness of a mellow peach.


Veggie Shot Grape Juice Blend 898ml

Expire: 5 March 2020


Blended four kinds of fruit with 21 kinds of vegetables and finished "a fully ripened grape" in abundant taste indulgently.

For details of Veggie Shot series: click here


More items are still on sale. Don’t miss out!



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