【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 ITO EN Veggie Shot Peach and Grape Juice Blend

We are selling two kinds of a peach fruit juice blend and the grape fruit juice blend as ITO EN veggie shot series on Ichiba Junction.

They attract towards healthy intention with various vegetables and fruits juice blend based with carrot juice. Ito En is particular about the kind of the carrot, and uses the carrot that β-carotene is included approximately 1.5 times than normal carrot, and is thick orange colour to the centre.

In addition, it is made with the original patent manufacturing method. The carrot is removed skin and its calyx, and taken out natural sweetness and removed harshness by boiling, and then done juice from carrot paste. It is easy to drink very much without immaturity peculiar to a carrot.

Furthermore, it is effective in both beauty and health because the internal absorption factor of β-carotene improves by drinking vegetables as juice. Because it is no salt and additive used, it is highly recommended for hypertensive prevention because potassium is contained a lot.


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Veggie Shot Peach Juice Blend 898ml

Blended four kinds of fruit with 20 kinds of vegetables carefully and please enjoy the sweetness of a mellow peach.


Veggie Shot Grape Juice Blend 898ml

Blended four kinds of fruit with 21 kinds of vegetables and finished "a fully ripened grape" in abundant taste indulgently.


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By the way, there may be the person thought that so-called vegetables juice has a nourishment effect same as vegetables. The ideal amount of vegetables for a day is 350g, but, in fact, it cannot take in the same amount only with vegetables juice.

Of cause, there is an effect of regulation of the intestines function and the constipation, but the commercial vegetables juice is “supplement”. It is a fact that nourishment ingredients decrease than it takes the fresh vegetables.

To a person who is a vegetables phobia or less opportunity to eat vegetables in his/her lifestyle, it is very recommended to drink, but please think that it should be just better to drink vegetable juice than a carbonated drink that there is much sugar. It is ideal to drink vegetable juice as a snack every day.

Because "I eat vegetables juice, so I am ok not to eat vegetables.” is wrong. Please keep in mind to use it as a supplement well. Let’s improve your healthy to drink every day. Veggie shot for your daily life.



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