The Long Awaited DAISO CBD Store is Now Open!



The third Melbourne DAISO store that is conveniently located in the CBD at the corner of Swanston and Bourke Street is now opened on the 29th of July.

The shop was filled with enthusiastic shoppers.
One of the customers, a Thai student, said, "This is my first time shopping at DAISO. The more I look at these items, the more I want to buy, and now my shopping basket is full."

Three times larger than the other two existing branches, the CBD one stocks up to 400, 000 items all at $2.80!


Caramel popcorn is the best selling merchandise.
Do expect a warm welcome by the multinational staff members at the point of enter.

Shopping at DAISO surely is a relaxing experience that makes you feel like as if you are in Japan.
The store opens until 9pm from Monday to Saturday.

Hurry up! Go and get the items you want!



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