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There is a tea shop located within the QV shopping centre along Swanston Street that sells tea from across multiple countries. It is the world tea specialty store, LUPICIA Fresh Tea Australia.




There may be some people who have bought tea from this shop in Japan as well. I am actually one of these people, and have bought matching tea when making sweets. I remember the impressive logo of a prince leading a camel, and the many smart looking packages on display in the store.


Being able to easily purchase the Japanese LUPICIA tea here in Melbourne must come as rather exciting news to all tea lovers. The countless number of tea boxes on display grasp one's attention and also contributes to a calming store ambience. The store owner, Mr. Shimizu, also brings about a relaxing atmosphere that puts as at ease.


Customers come into the store looking into tea for various purposes such as :
・Souvenirs and gifts
・Tea fitting a certain preference and or taste
・For treating certain symptoms such as pregnancy
Customers often consult with Mr. Shimizu first before purchasing, and so the store almost resembles a pharmacy in this sense.

We enquired Mr. Shimizu’s recommendation on some types of tea leaves.

The first one is ULURU, which is limited to Australia only and is often purchased as a souvenir.


ULURU is the aboriginal name for the tourist site Ayers Rock. The colour of this type of tea is very impressive as it reflects the magnificent sunset image that can be seen at Ayers Rock.


[ ULURU tea. The beautiful orange colour permeates through the tea leaves. ]  

Mr. Shimizu brewed the next tea for us. Out of the numerous number of rose teas on offer, the Rose Darjeeling is said to be the most harmonious rose and tea leaf blend on offer. The rose fragrance flows in the air the moment the tea is poured, creating a tranquil effect. Roses can also help to improve blood circulation and the immune system.



*Tea types that are said to be particularly effective in treating various symptoms include:
South African
  ・Rooibos Tea
  ・Honey Bush Tea
South American
  ・Mate Tea


Honey bush tea is especially popular as it is said to be effective in, to name a few benefits, treating hangovers, irregular menstrual cycles, and having an antioxidising effect.

*Tea types that are popular amongst Japanese

*Popular green tea amongst Aussies
・Sencha "Matsuri"
・Sakuranbo Vert
・Ume Vert

Other tea includes Raspberry Leaf tea which is popular amongst Australian pregnant women as it is said to be good for those into 32 weeks of pregnancy. Another popular selection is the Italian caramel malt ORZO series, which is consumed in a way similar to MILO by mixing it with cold milk. 

LUPICIA carries a fair share of standard teas but many unusual ones as well that will make you go "WOW, they even have this?!"
The LUPICIA Trial Set is recommended for those who are confused by the many choices available and at a loss as to which one to buy. Each trial set contains 10 different types of tea.


Normally the tea comes in packages of 50 grams. The trial set contains 10 different types of tea at 6 grams each, so customers have the opportunity to taste many different samples, and then purchase the ones that they are particularly fond of.

Following the interview, I purchased these teas:
Honeybush tea as I couldn't resist its fragrance and its many benefits, and the trial series "Flavoured Green Tea Set".


I drank this the very next morning since I was facing one of the symptoms that it's said to be able to cure – a hangover (laugh). Although it gave off a sweet, gentle honey fragrance, its taste was refreshing and a little bit spicy. I recovered immediately from my hangover after drinking the honeybush tea, and became very hungry before noon (laugh).

*Flavoured Green Tea Set
The mix green tea series contains different flavour varieties to sample. The "Fruit" teas included a selection of falvours such as grape, cherry and pear. There was also a selection of "Japanese dessert" flavours. The Fruit selection teas boast a fruity fragrance that matches perfectly with the expanding taste of green tea. The Chestnut and "Sweet Kyoto" selections remind me of Japanese desserts, and give off a delicious tasting fragrance. What is particularly enjoyable about the trial series is that you get to taste different flavours everyday.



After drinking LUPICIA's tea, I once again felt the joy that comes with tasting and smelling the different fragrances and flavours of tea. I was introduced to many types of tea during the interview, but since everyone's tastes differ, it's ideal to listen to Mr. Shimizu's advice before choosing the one that best suits you.


20% OFF upon a purchase of $25 or more between July 29th to August 1st!

※Over the counter sales only. Excludes sale items.


Please try out LUPICIA's tea by taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity! ♪


LUPICIA Fresh Tea Australia

■Address: QV, Shop 14-16 Artemis Lane, Melbourne

■TEL: 03 9662 9988

Mon: 11am – 5.30pm
Tue: 11am – 5.30pm
Wed: 11am – 5.30pm
Thu: 10am – 6pm
Fri: 10am – 6.30pm
Sat: 11am- 6pm
Sun: 12pm – 5pm 

WEB: www.lupicia.com.au

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