Kizakura Beginner’s Sake Set

Set out on a Sake Journey with…

So, sake is blooming all over the world.

You have always wanted to get your foot in the door but there are so many different types of Japanese sakes in the market. You don't know the brands, you don't know the categories or tastes, most importantly, you don't know how to enjoy the divines.
Too many questions in your head stop you from trying something new. We know you are puzzled and frustrated but knowing how the uncertainties hold you back makes us even more frustrated!

This carefully selected beginner's set includes 3 different gems from Kizakura Sake Brewery. They are from 3 very different categories but what they have in common are

1. of high quality

2. never go wrong whichever way you drink it

3. easy to drink

4. reasonably priced

They all come in 300ml bottles, so you can have a sip with your family and friends without worrying what to do with it if this is not your sake.



Kizakura Sake Brewery

Established in 1925 in Fushimi-ku of Kyoto, Kizakura Sake Brewery is one of the top sake breweries in Japan. It has received many awards each year which includes, National New Sake Awards, International SAKE Challenge and International Wine Challenge. Kizakura sticks to the traditional brewing method, at the same time, keeps up with the times by developing new, phenomenal products.


Kizakura Yamahai Jikomi

Yamahai Jikomi is a traditional fermentation technique requires extra time and care that gives sake a deeper and rounder flavour.
2 unique types of lactic acid bacteria are also added into the sake, contributing to a well-balanced slight sourness.

It is quite sweet, with a hint of sourness. Semi-dry but relatively easy to drink. It is an all-rounder sake because it matches almost any Japanese dishes and you can serve chilled or warm, have it before, during or after your meal. At the same time, this is an amazing sake with different characters when serving at different temperatures.

Best serving temperature:  10 – 15'C, 40 – 45'C

Recommended dishes: All Japanese dishes


Kizakura Nigori Sake

Nigorizake is semi-filtered sake and often called cloudy or milky sake in English. A rougher filter is used after the fermentation means nigorizake contains rice residues, koji mold and sake kasu (lees). All these contributed to its cloudy appearance.

Light and refreshing, this nigorizake has a mildly sweet, fermented sourness resembles yogurt. You should always serve chilled or on the rocks. Please give it a slight shake before serving.

Best serving temperature:  5 – 10'C.

Recommended dishes: egg dishes

Kizakura Sparkling Junmai Hoshinonagare

Different from any other fizzy drinks or sparkling wine in the market, this sparkling pure rice sake naturally carbonated by yeast fermentation. It has a smooth, sweet flavour. With its light alcohol content, hoshinonagare is the best refreshment in summer when chilled.

Best serving temperature:  5 – 10'C.

Recommended dishes: cheese, nuts and fried food

Try something new, start enjoying sake with this drinker-friendly Kizakura Beginner's Sake Set this 2012!

** Limited to 30 sets

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