【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 What’s Brown Rice?

Brown Rice which contains 40 kinds of nutrients: dietary fibre, vitamin B complex, mineral and calcium. The phytic acid included in the embryo part of the brown rice provides detoxification and effective in letting the body cleanse and exhaust it. Detoxification is provided just to eat! When a vegetarian haves mainly on polished rice, It has possibilities to suffer from malnutrition, but can take in the nutrient which is necessary by having mainly on brown rice.

The more obstinate than polished rice, the more chewing is needed. Because the temple is stimulated by chewing, and the secretion of a hormone, digestive juice and the enzyme rise, and also saliva is secreted, the function of the organ becomes more active.

Furthermore, it is said, "it is the most moderation in all food", and the brown rice attracts its attention as the most balanced food in macrobiotic diet food.


■ Tips for making steamed brown rice

Soak the rice in water for approximately two hours after washing it. When wash it, rub rice and rice together to damage the surface and become easy to absorb water when cook it, and it is to more plump brown rice. Please put the quantity of the water slightly more than polished rice. In addition, It can be suppressed some unique bitterness by adding a pinch of salt.

When you eat rice, chew well. It may disturb the condition of the stomach when you do not chew well because digestion of rice is not good.


■ The basis of the brown rice vegetable diet

• Brown Rice
with sprinkle sesame salt using the natural salt

• Yellow pickled radish
No MSG is better

• Miso Soup
With daikon radish: good for kidney, carrot: good for liver, spring onion: good for stomach

• Seaweed
Kelp, sea lettuce and etc


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