Translated by Yun Liu

The shop that has just opened in South Yarra on the first of June is called COOL FROM ASIA. This shop sells high-quality yet affordable goods that are made completely in Japan. 90% of the goods in store are set at the favoured price of $2.80 each.
This shop stocks various goods, from items that are sold for 100 yen in Japan to those that may be sold for over 300 yen. These can be purchase

d for merely $2.80 at COOL FROM ASIA. 

There is a variety of goods in store, ranging from cooking utensils, cosmetics, cutlery, bathing goods, gardening tools, stationery, toys to sporting goods.

Take the kitchen brush for example; there are quite a few different brands and you will be surprised by the abundance in its variety.

Brushes that don’t require the use of detergent but instead use rubbers’ friction force to cleanse; firm brushes used especially for cleaning difficult spots such as burnt marks; tiny brushes for small places or cracks; aluminium brushes; sets that include brushes for cleansing water marks/tea stains and brushes for polishing and refining; bendable brushes for gaps; brushes for grill; skinny long brushes for teapots with small spouts; brushes with melamine sponge; brushes especially used for washing vegetables such as potatoes … etc. There are other various convenient brushes in store for different purposes of use.

A feature of COOL FROM ASIA is that new items are stocked every week, so you will make new discoveries each time regardless of when you visit the store.

Left) Best selling line of goods – heart shaped items $2.80
Right) Even goods that are sold for more than 100 yen in Japan … $2.80 here of course!

Left) Creative good such as this dumpling maker! Surprisingly, it’s also very popular amongst Chinese customers. $2.80
Right) Abundant cosmetics! Includes fake eyelashes as well! $2.80

All merchandises have been selected by shop owner Miao (middle) based on their “cuteness”, “coolness” and “convenience” from a woman’s point of view.

Miao herself is surprised by not only the number of female customers but also the number of male customers and their support over the first month since the store’s opening.

Miao wishes to surprise and touch the hearts of Japanese customers as well as people living in Australia with these Japanese goods that are excellent in both design and usefulness.

☆☆And this time, SPECIAL OFFERS from COOL FROM ASIA to users of GoGo Melbourne only☆☆
10% OFF ALL GOODS until Wednesday 31st August 2011 – limited to GoGo Melbourne users only.
※Please inform shop assistants at the counter that you saw this on GoGo Melbourne

That is, all goods that were $2.80 are now only $2.50!



Address: 357 Chapel Street, South Yarra, VIC 3006
Telephone: 03-9824-0614
Hours: Monday to Friday 10:30am to 7:00pm / Saturday & Sunday 10:30am to 8:30pm

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