Underground Cinema – Shhh! It’s a Secret!
Do you like film with a twist?
Underground Cinema is a top-secret film screening event held in undisclosed locations across Melbourne. It could happen anywhere; a warehouse, a forgotten ballroom or a car park. The creative team at Underground Cinema believe that the predictable is boring, which is why each event fosters a unique and imaginative theme, guests are invited to dress in costume and the title of the film isn’t revealed until the opening credits roll.
The brain behind the volunteer organisation is Tamasein Holyman, a dedicated businesswoman who creatively strives to create engaging and left-of-centre film events that are uniquely underground, innovative and completely Melbourne.

At Underground Cinema, 2011’s programming is all about the Directors. This year Underground Cinema will take you on a cinematic journey that brings you face to face with the best directors in the world and let you experience their films like never before.

Earlier in the year Underground Cinema opened with the infamous Terry Gilliam film, ‘12 Monkeys’ and this month they’re proud to be screening a beautiful foreign film by a remarkable and internationally acclaimed film maker, often described as a creative genius.

But of course, they cannot tell you what the title of that beautiful film is? It is all part of Underground Cinema’s charm.

2011 continues to be a blossoming and thriving year for Underground Cinema, hosting not only four events across Melbourne including a ‘Magic’ themed event in late May, but also a highly anticipated and exciting launch in Sydney!

To discover more about the charm of Underground Cinema, visit www.undergroundcinema.com.au or www.facebook.com/undergroundcinema but remember… Shhh. It’s a secret!

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