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お客様 A valued customer! いらっしゃいませ! Welcome! Welcome! So nice to see you Sir and it’s a pleasure to be in your presence Madam! Come in! Please come in! You have chosen a divine moment to visit our humble establishment, a divine moment indeed! Top shelf Sake in abundance and kaiseki-ryori, dumplings and wagashi fresh from the kitchen! We look after our clients! Yes, we look after our clients. You’re very important to us, yes very special indeed. This way! This way! Follow me, please, フォローミー.


Underground Cinema takes cinema out of the cinema by creating engaging experiences that transport guests to another world. This month Underground Cinema is proud to be screening a beautiful foreign film by a remarkable and internationally acclaimed film maker, often described as a creative genius.

No, they can’t tell you who it is, nor reveal the name of the film, but they can tell you that Underground Cinema will be taking you into the wonderful and creative world of ‘Magic’. Upon entering this mystical land guests, who are encouraged to wear their finest Kimonos, will present their offerings to the Spirits. Here they will get to experience the wonders of our enchanting folk, talking creatures and fearsome fiends.

We asked Tamasein Holyman, the Creative Director of Underground Cinema;

Why did we choose a Japanese Theme for this event?

Underground Cinema prides itself on inviting film fanatics to experience cinema in all styles and in all genres. 2011 is focussed on the Directors – The Art of the Auteur. This year we’ll be taking members on an amazing cinematic journey, bringing them face to face with the best directors in the world, allowing them experience a diverse range of films like never before.

The reason why we have chosen a Japanese theme is because this month we’re proud to be screening a beautiful foreign film by a remarkable and internationally acclaimed film maker, often described as a creative genius.

Japanese culture is beautiful, and Japanese film offers insights not seen in mainstream Western cinema. It was only a matter of time until we hosted a Japanese themed event so it was a natural progression and we are very happy to be doing so!

What do you think is the best way to get into Underground Cinema?

Each event is different and to understand the creative ethos and charm of Underground Cinema, and gain the full experience, visitors should attend our screenings as often as possible! The team at Underground Cinema firmly believes in creating engaging and immersive events that are mysterious and fun. We are not your average multiplex experience; we are so much more and we dearly love sharing that with anyone and everyone we come into contact with!

Anything you would like to say to Japan In Melbourne Readers?

Japanese culture thrives in Melbourne and we are so proud to be hosting a Japanese theme for our next event. For more information on Underground Cinema or to purchase tickets to our next event, visit www.undergroundcinema.com.au or join us on facebook – www.facebook.com/undergroundcinema!

We would absolutely love to see Japan in Melbourne readers at our next event so as an incentive we are offering readers the chance to win a double pass to our “Magic” themed event on Sunday 29 May.

Win the pair of tickets for the “Magic” themed event on Sunday 29 May 6pm!!

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■How to enter■

Send an email to [email protected] indicating "UNDERGROUND CINEMA tickets" in the subject line with your name, mobile phone number, email address and answer to the following question.

-What is your favourite cafe or restaurant in Melbourne?

The competition closes on 25 May at 12:00pm 


Event Detail
Dates: Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th May
Time: Friday 27th 9:00pm, Saturday 28th 6:00pm & special late night screening @10:00pm, Sunday 29th 6:00pm
Location: Secret. To be revealed 3 days before
Theme: Magic
Cost: $35
Dress: Your finest Kimono
Genre: Foreign Animation
Purchase tickets: http://www.undergroundcinema.com.au/next-event 


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