Okayama Sake Masterclass Day Two!

Following the Quality Okayama event in Melbourne, the team flew up to the next Sydney to prepare for the second day’s event. Upon arriving…

Sake x American BBQ

Sake and American barbeque; a match made in heaven, or perhaps not so much? Third Wave Café in Prahran’s head chef Ryo Kitahara set…

Matching France with Japan

Japanese sake traditionally matches well with—of course—Japanese food, however, in recent years there have been more instances of matching sake with various styles of…


A Zesty Beer Comes to Melbourne!

The launch of Temple Brewery’s new citrus infused beer “Okinawa Sour” was celebrated at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne’s CBD with some Okinawa-style live music,…

Asia Pop Courtyard

The Asia Pop Courtyard was bubbling with life last Friday night, with great music, food and activities, it was not only entertaining but an…

Sweet and Sour Treats from Ehime Prefecture

For the first time in Melbourne, representatives from Ehime Prefectural Governments promotional and economy and labour departments brought their famed produce down to Melbourne…

Fashon and Beauty

Yamato Nadeshiko – Miku

Yamato Nadeshiko (Japanese Dianthus), is the synonym of an idealized Japanese lady. Today, we introduce Miku.

Yamato Nadeshiko – Kanae

Yamato Nadeshiko (Japanese Dianthus), is the synonym of an idealized Japanese lady. Today, we introduce Kanae.


Searching for a blogger

Searching for a blogger/SNS user/YouTuber who can travel Kanto region in Japan   We urgently need a keen blogger who can travel in Japan…


Jamanapo: Soulful Treasures

Jamanapo features original handcrafted bags and gifts made with loving care by Maoko Carroll. Each item is carefully crafted and has it’s own unique fabric pattern and special features to ensure no two bags are the same.



Sake Tasting at Wasshoi!

A while back, Takahoko Sake’s very own Soji Sakai returned to Melbourne after a brief trip to New Zealand. Over the few days he…