Kirin Megumi Stories Vol.15 OCHA

Combining traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist, popular veteran Japanese restaurant Ocha finally settles at the corner of Church St and Barkers Rd in Hawthorn after it’s highly anticipated relocation.

Wabi Sabi Salon

Colourful lights dancing off the nostalgic stained glasses, reflecting onto the white wall. Interior in the style of retro Shōwa period. Have a glance upwards and notice that even the roof is nailed down to the details. Located on an artistic street, a popular restaurant that can only be found in Melbourne – Wabi Sabi Salon.

RamenYa on Bourke NEW OPEN!!

The secret of popularity of Ramen Ya is soy sauce and pork based broth that is not only rich but heavy taste. You would be here for a bowl of ramen and it is widely recognized that their ramen are one of the best in Melbourne.