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■Daiwa Sushi Vinegar 20L


Already mixed with vinegar, mirin, sugercourse, salt and so on for sushi rice


■Tamanoi Sakura Vinegar 20L


Good quality rice vinegar.


■SETO Japanese Vinegar 20L


Yellowish mild acidity grain based vinegar


☆Health Benefits of Vinegar☆

• Reduction of Visceral Fat
A research shows that only 15-30ml (1 to 2 tbsp) of vinegar is enough to help reduce visceral fat and lose weight.

• Prevent high blood pressure
Take in a small amount of vinegar every day can can help lower blood sugar level.

• Lower blood Sugar Level
1 tbsp of vinegar can help you. It is good for you to take in vinegar as a drink or a vinegared food.


■Squid Slice 8g x 20


Good to use Not only great with sushi but also salad.


■Cooked Octopus Slices 8gx20


suitable to be pickled with vinegar. Add the slices to this recipe.


■Morihan Rich Maccha Powder 500g


High quality green tea powder for a hot or iced green tea latte.


■Uji no Tsuyu Genmaicha 1kg


High quality green tea mixed with brown rice from a long-standing tea shop in Kyoto.


■Uji no tsuyu Houjicha 1kg


High quality roasted green tea from a long-standing tea shop in Kyoto.


■UMAMI Teriyaki Sauce 1.8L

$16.50 $14.50 

The sales period is extended! Great with teriyaki chicken, yakitori chicken skewers


■Daiwa Smelt Roe Masago 500g


Capelin roe preserved in salt. Top on steamed rice or hand roll sushi.


■Choya Soda 250ml x 24cans

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$115.20 → $88.80




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