[Event Report] Sake Matching Dinner at TAXI DINING ROOM

"The delicious thing" cannot help making attract people who are sensitive to taste in Melbourne. Japanese sake is getting popular for its unique delicate taste. It has been recognized as a thing not to be able to miss in the dining scene in Melbourne either.


▲Sake Master Toshi Maeda


The sake dinner held in Taxi Dining Room is held as one of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2013; approximately 60 participants. Sake master Toshi Maeda as a guest speaker was invited and also Black Market Sake which was a sake importer.


▲Executive Chef Tony Twichett

This dinner to match sake with 5 course dinner each, and to enjoy was an unrivalled menu inspired from Japanese food of executive chef Tony Twichett.


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Canapés on Arrival
Sake Cocktail

Using "Asabiraki Nanburyu Densho Zukuri Daiginjo" and citrus fruit liquors.
The expectation to dinner from now on increases by 4 kinds of finger food and the cocktail.


It is an opening scene of the dinner with a speech of Toshi Maeda. Participants are serious to learn the knowledge of sake and explanation of "Kaganotsuki Gekko Junmai daiginjo "to drink with the first course.


Local Snapper Sashimi with Elderflower, Ginger & Pear
Kaganotsuki Gekko Junmai Daiginjo (Ishikawa)


Plump sweetness and the mellow taste are special to Junmai daiginjo grade.
This sake can be enjoyed with chilled and drunk up on a hot day.



Sher Wagyu Tartare, Confit Egg Yolk, Konbu & Wasabi
Asabiraki Suijin Junmai Okarakuchi (Iwate)

Wasabi flavour of tartare worked for the taste of little bit spiciness Asabiraki Suijin.



Red Miso Broth, Kingfish Sashimi & Wakame
Nanbu Bijin Umeshu (Iwate)

It is plum wine to combine with red miso soup with fish.
The plum wine was kept the sweetness of only malted rice and plums alive without adding sugar, and simple taste was popular for participants.



Sichuan Duck Breast, Red Braised Leg, 'Little Vege Patch' Greens
Rihaku Junmai `Blue Purity' (Shimane)

The Rihaku (Li Bo) series is one of favourite sake of Toshi Maeda
for matching it with duck.
It is easy to drink and enhance the flavour of the duck meat which is main of the dinner.



White Chocolate Mousse, Salted Peanut Caramel
Nakano BC 'Chokyu' Junmai Kijoshu Koshu 1999 (Wakayama)

The neither the colour nor the taste of the sake fermented for 14 years is not like
normal sake. The sweetness is solid, and the salty taste is felt a little bit.
The matching with the chocolate is distinguished.



Sake note is prepared, too and the guests wrote down with a story of what Toshi Maeda said, and there is much one that is going to understand sake properly, and sake popularity will still increase more and more.


★A part of sake introduced can be purchased on Sake Online. Go to www.sakeonline.com.au


In cooperation with TAXI DINING ROOM. Special thanks to Mr Owen Brockfield.
Story & Photo: Yoshimi

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