Interview with Mr. Wataru Takeuchi


"It is not work if it is not enjoyable.
Not only about work but also you enjoy the time with family and enjoy the life itself."

-What is the reason to join NEC?
I studied electronic mechanics at university and I wanted to work for a company where I could use my knowledge and make something remarkable to the world. That was the 'official' reason. To be honest with you, I was playing shakuhachi (Japanese whistle instrument) while I was at university and I wanted to continue playing as a hobby after graduating. NEC has sokyoku (traditional Japanese instruments) club where you can play shakuhachi with and that is the real reason (let's just put it that way). However, after joining NEC I was too busy to play it anyway.

-What was the impression of Melbourne, Australia?
I like its spaciousness and its cleanliness. I also really like the way Aussies think about life, 'enjoy your life'. They really cherish their family, don't they? When I was in Japan, I thought “Australians do not work, they better work more” because they take a few weeks off from work around Christmas, but as I came to Australia and know how they view life, 'enjoy life and cherish family', I understood why.

-What is your focus and motto?
I have always been a workaholic so my motto is 'enjoy my work'. 'It is not work if it is not enjoyable'. That has always been at the bottom of my heart. Therefore, I did not think about family when I was in Japan but after coming to Australia and influenced by Aussie life style, I changed my mind and started to think about family more.

-Have you had difficulties or troubles in your job, if so what were they?
When the system I made had some problems, I had to stay all night to fix the problem and that was hard but at the same time it was fun too. The more busy I am, the more fun I have. That is just who I am. I may sound like a geek but most of the engineers are like that, aren't they? In fact, running this business in this recession might be the hardest of all.

-What is your dream now?
It is going to be about work again but I want to work on some interesting business with Aussies because their creativity is fantastic. I would love to do more new things for work! But, on the other hand, I know I should find something else for my life too. “Enjoying my life, and working hard”. Something like that.

"When you face a big problem, you visualise the problem in the shoes of someone in a superior position (superior than your immediate boss)"

-Lastly, please give a comment for young people.
Be confident in yourself. To achieve this, you need to experiences some success. Giving opportunities to young people are the boss' job, I believe. Also, this is what I was told when I just started to work for NEC and even now I agree with it but “you visualise the problem in the shoes of someone in a superior position”. This is really true. When you put yourself into the shoes of an immediate superior, you probably would end up with having an argument with your immediate superior. If you visualise the problem in the shoes of too high a superior such as CEO, that would be too high. Two position up would be perfect in this case. When you face a big problem, it might change your perspective if you visualise the problem in the shoes of someone in a superior position. This idea has always been in my mind. At work things often do not go as planned. This idea helps you enjoy your work and find what you want to do in your job.

-Thank you very much.

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