Enjoy Japanese food at home !

Mt. Eliza is a beautiful spot with a great scenery where you can find one and a half hour away toward Southeast from Melbourne city. This city is a close to ocean and you can feel the refreshing sea breeze. This is an expensive area where many people buy leisure houses.

In Mt. Eliza you can enjoy real Japanese foods made by Japanese chefs.
Japanese food has been popular amongst Australians therefore it is getting hard to find a real Japanese restaurant even in Melbourne. However, this is the only restaurant in Victoria that delivers home made Japanese food to your door.

Taste does not get worse although the foods are delivered.
Oyama24's goal is the concept of 'having a real Japanese food at home!'.
In order to be like a normal restaurant foods, they deliver foods using dedicated containers separating hot foods from cold foods. The foods are carefully prepared in a normal container right in front of a customer house. The foods are delivered fresh.

At Oyama24, you can have foods take-away or eat in at the restaurant. There are fifteen seats inside. You can choose menu from five different bento and ten other dishes. The menu looks simple but content of bento is satisfying.
Not only distinctive Japanese foods, such as tempura, sashimi, nigiri sushi, but also you can taste unique and authentic Japanese foods such as mackerel in Japanese sweet and peppery vegetable sauce and sablefish in miso based source.

Oyama24 has a good collection of fish foods. Chef Oyama tells us he is confident in fish foods. He used to work for a trading company introducing delicious fish from Melbourne to Japan. His eyes are usually kind but he looks at fish with piercing eyes. To serve only good fish to customers, Chef Oyama himself goes to the market and selects only fresh fish. The high quality fish are flavoured with a high quality gradients. The reason behind the tasty foods is the good selection of gradients.

Recommended dish menu beside bento is special wague beef curry. Succulent wague beef is used for this curry. As for the curry source, in order to serve Japanese curry, chef is particular about this curry source.
Foods are delivered to customers in fine bento boxes which were brought from Japan.
Bento boxes by Hanakado has drawings of cherry blossom and Japanese maple leaves and you can enjoy the uniqueness of Japan only by looking at them.

Manager of Oyama24, Kouji Yamada has thirty five years experience in cooking. He was a chef at a famous hotel in Melbourne. Now he is cooking at a Japanese restaurant 'Megumi' in Frankston with chef Oyama. He is coming to Oyama24 after opening.
Not only Australians, but also Japanese people who are used to Japanese foods are amazed with the foods.
You will feel Japanese beauty with each detailed flavour. Although you are in Australia, you will forget about it when having the meal.
If you are sick of heavy taste, have a content moment with Japanese foods from Oyama24.

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