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The cute $2 Shop in Melbourne CBD, Tokuya, is having new goods in store for you, again.

Also, all items will be $2.80 from 1st April onwards. Isn’t that great!!

Well, today, we are introducing several little cute items recommended by Moe san from Tokuya. Let us have a look!


Unique Items for You

Do you know what this is? Yes, it is a banana case! Put your favorite fruit inside when you go to work or school to keep it safe from heavy books or sharp things, like keys.



The box above, on the other hand, will make it so easy for you to take out tofu and cut them into small blocks. Just follow the structure inside, and you will be able to make perfect tofu blocks.


Ways to Making Perfect Japanese Food by Yourself

Have you ever wondered if you could make perfect sushi? The answer is simple, “yes, you can.” With these simple tools for sushi making, you will be able to make sushi like a skillful chef. Making sushi with children will also be so much easier and much fun with these tools.



Quicker and Simpler Cooking

Busy with working and taking care of children? No worries! Wiith these little cuties, healthy food will not be far away anymore. Let us take a look.

This is a simple but effective tool for you to make sandwiches real quick. But please note that in order to make the best sandwich, please warm up the bread before hand.


This is the most clever thing I have ever seen. Just put the cover in the center with fillings on the top, and then close it, squeez the edge a little bit, and you will have a cute little dumpling. Easy right?



Way to Eat Eggs

Do you like eggs? Wanna be a little creative? Look what Tokuya has for you!

These items will turn the eggs into different shapes, no matter it is heart shapes or bears or rabbits. How cute is that!




Make sure you go and check out their cute little items! You cannot miss them!


Don’t forget to add Tokuya’s Facebook to get more exciting news!


236 Bourke Street Basement Level, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel: 03-9650-9470

Business hours:
Mon-Wed: 10am – 8pm
Thu, Fri: 10am – 9pm
Sat-Sun: 10am – 8pm



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