Buy the Well-chosen Wagyu in Melbourne


☆Well-chosen Wagyu Beef in Melbourne-KAZ WAGYU☆


KAZ WAGYU is the specialist

in Australian produced Wagyu beef (Tajima and Echigo breed)

in Melbourne.

Kaz Wagyu is having an opening sale in February only.

The taste of the Wagyu that grew up in the vast farm of Australia

may be even better than they Wagyu produced by Japan!?

Definitely try it yourself!

You can purchase KAZ WAGYU by phone and emial order. You could also get them in Fuji Mart.


Let's have the best Wagyu in Australia!!



 【Who is KAZ WAGYU】 


KAZ WAGYUKAZ WAGYU is the specialist in Australian produced wagyu beef (Tajima and Echigo breed) in Melbourne. They offer frozen fresh wagyu beef in vaccum packing and sell them to various Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. 

Their wagyu beef comes from Blue Moutain Suzuki Ranch in New South Wales, where offers fresh and strictly-chosen beef at a reasonable price.

In KAZ WAGYU, it is possible to order whole pure bred black wagyu or grain-fed wagyu, and also different wagyu parts.

The grain-fed wagyu takes 500-600 days to produce. The taste of it is the taste of health itself. They are simply the best of the best.



【Introduction of the products】

February Special: 

★A Set:2x 250g Porter house steak

                  1kg Sukiyaki-slice (for pot-dishes)

                  1kg Yakiniku-slice (thinly sliced beef for grilling)

                  1kg Mince

Bundle Price – $165 (Reduced from $212)

※All these photos above are 500g package image.

★B Set:4 x 250g Rump Steak 

                 1kg Sukiyaki-slice (for pot-dishes)

                 1kg Yakiniku-slice (thinly sliced beef for grilling)

                1kg Sujiniku-slice.
Bundle Price – $160 (Reduced from $217)

All these photos above are 500g package image.

★C Set:1kg Sukiyaki-slice (for pot-dishes)

                  1kg Yakiniku-slice (thinly sliced beef for grilling)

                  1kg Carsiole (chunks for stew)

                  1kg Mince

                  1kg Sujiniku-slice (Beef tendon)

Package Price – $139 (Reduced from $154)

All these photos above are 500g package image.

★Value Pack:1kg Sukiyaki-slice (for pot-dishes)

                             700g Yakiniku-slice (thinly sliced beef for grilling)

                             700g Beef Roast

                             500g Mince

                             500g Sujiniku-slice (Beef tendon)

Package Price – $99 (Reduced from $119)

All these photos above are 500g package image.


Great Offer

Free premium wagyu mince or 500g beef tendon with any purchase over $100 in September.




内容量:250g x 2枚


















内容量:250g x 4枚























※These photos are just images.



たたき(tataki): Thinly sliced meat that seared on the outside and left very rare inside. Served with a citrusy soy sauce.

すき焼き(sukiyaki): Thinly sliced beef simmer in hot pot using a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin.

焼肉(yakiniku): Japanese style of cooking bite-sized meat and vegetables on gas/electric griller

しゃぶしゃぶ(shabushabu): Japanese hot pot similar to sukiyaki but more savory and less sweet

刺身(sashimi): fresh raw meat sliced into thin pieces

ユッケ(yukke): Japanese steak tartare seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil etc. Served with a raw egg yolk

煮込み( nikomi): Japanese style stew or casserole

オッソブッコ(osso bucco): Milanese specialty of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth

シチュー(Stew): Japanese style stew or casserole

肉じゃが(niku jyaga):a Japanese dish of thinly sliced beef, potatoes and onion stewed in sweetened soy sauce, sometimes with ito konnyaku and vegetables

味噌煮込み(miso nikomi): Japanese style stew or casserole with miso paste

コロッケ(korokke):Japanese style deep fried dish in usually patty-shaped, originally related to a French dish, the croquette

【How to order】

KAZ WAGYU accepts phone and email order.

Please fax them with your name, email address, mobile phone number, the exact name and quantity you wish to order. 

Mobile :0412-547-511(Mr. Takemura)


※Please make sure you send the right phone number and email address. 


【The deadline for ordering】

All the orders made by 12pm noon on every Thursday will be delievered by Friday afternoon in the same week. 

You can also specify the date of receiving. 


◆Please Note◆
※Delivery from 2kg, and is carried out on every Thu, Fri, and Sat afternoon.
※Fuji Mart is also selling KAZ WAGYU's product. The products there are fresh and delivered daily.
※Since we follow the principle of fresh food, please pardon us that we do not take returns or exchanges if customers change their mind after making the order. 
Although we take good care of our products, such as quality control and inspection of products, IF we sent you wrong products or there were damages due to accidents happened in transit, please contact KAZ WAGYU as soon as possible. Upon confirmation of the circumstances, we will offer you a solution. 
※ When products are delivered, please make sure if they are the correct items. 
※ We also take orders other than Set A, B, C or Value Pack. Please contact 0412-547-511 (Takemura) if you wish to order BBQ set for party or home-made sukiyaki/yakiniku or other products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any enquiries or questions at all.

【Contact Them】

Mobile: 0412-547-511
FAX: (03)9578-0974

Mr.  Kazuo Takemura
※ Every Thu 12-16pm, in Howard's Butcher 1614 High St., Glen Iris, there is also a direct sales.
(Melway 59-J8・Tram 6 Stop53・Close to Glen Iris Station)
Parking space at rare


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