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Dec 9th, 2011

Do you like the tranquil, harmonious smell of Japanese incense?

Do you know there is a Japanese incense store in Melbourne?

Do you know it is the ONLY Japanese incense store in Australia?

Do you want to know more about it?

On a peaceful spring afternoon, I found this newly opened store in Prahran. The very moment I sat foot in the store, I was amazed, impressed, with my eyes wide open.

Metta Scents would sever your connection with the busy world, instead offers a piece of tranquility with hints of Japanese incense.
Focusing on Japanese incense, Metta Scents stocks more than 100 varieties of quality incense made from only natural ingredients.



Kim, the store owner, opened this cute small shop in April this year. Before becoming self-employed, Kim was the CEO of a non-government organization in the health industry. Japanese incenses might seem like nothing close to what Kim was doing, but they are her passion.

Unable to find a Japanese incense store in Melbourne, Kim decided to open her own with her son Dan. Travelling to Kyoto last year, Kim met with several incense makers, including a company that has been making incense in Kyoto for twelve generations.



According to Kim, it is the store policy to only sell incense and aroma products that are made from natural ingredients. No artificial products can be found in the store, nor had any product came from animal testing.
The keywords in choosing the incense are “wellbeing, peace and goodwill”. That is why one should try inhaling the relaxing natural smell which eases your mind and soul. Some of the incenses are also low smoke, so they don't irritate sensitive noses.


*The other day a chef from Kyoto bought this incense, he told Kim the smell of this incense took him back to his hometown.

*This green tea incense is very popular among local Melbournians. Its only $12,has almost no smoke, gives you a subtle smell and absorbs odours. Kim says it has been popular among people working in a clinical environment, such as dentists.

“The Japanese incense is different from those that come from India and other countries, they are very subtle and delicate. I love them,” says Kim.


“These ones could be very good souvenirs,” Kim says, while showing us the aroma products made in Australia. Sandalwood from Western Australia is used in scented sachets. They are great for drawers and closets. In addition, the pattern on the cover of the incense are actually designed and drawn by the indigenous artists. How special!

Apart from Japanese incense, there are also hand-made incense from India, Nepal, Bali, Melbourne etc..


For people who are not particularly into incense, the amazing aroma sprays in Metta Scents could still blow your minds.



Natural soap kebabs, Japanese paper and greeting cards with Japanese could all be Christmas ideas for you this year.


During September, Kim and her customers made paper cranes to generate donations for the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake as well as local charity, Prahran Mission.

“Each incense has its own story. The incense are the essences of the heart and soul of the makers. I enjoy telling the stories of these incense to my customers,” says Kim.

It’s a store of love and commitment. You would not want to miss it out.


Story and Pictures by Sherry Chen

(Update: 01/07/12)
Metta Scents incense is now only available online as our Greville Street store has closed. Thank you to all the lovely people who visited us at Greville Street, it was wonderful to meet you. We hope to see you at markets and festivals in spring and summer!


Metta Scents 

111 Greville Street, Prahran, Victoria 3181

Tel: (03) 99394893
Opening Hours:
Tue-Fri 11am – 6pm, Sat 11am – 4pm, Sun 12pm – 4pm
Web: (with online store)
Twitter: @mettascents


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