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The sake boom in Australia is not a once-and-for-all phenomenon. Fine-dining restaurants and bars are now serving many different kinds of sakes to customers, not to mention Japanese taverns and restaurants. There is no doubt that sake has brought about the creation of a new food culture and lifestyle.


For this reason, DAIWA FOOD, which we are all very familiar of through Ichiba Junction, together with Tryber LTD, the managing company of  JAPAN IN MELBOURNE and GOGO MELBOURNE, launched a whole new online Japanese Sake shop, SAKE ONLINE.


Our goal is to create a website that can provide a wide range of informative yet easy-to-read information to both sake-lovers and sake-beginners, hoping that it will add up to their sake knowledge, and of course, to make ordering their favourite sakes easier.


Not only are we the sake-sellers, we strive to provide you with interesting articles such as covering topics and news about sake and interviewing sommeliers and the leaders in the Australian wine industry. We will earnestly take part in promoting cultural exchange and activities between Japan and Australia.


To celebrate the Grand Opening and Christmas, we are giving away 100 Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Sake ($ 55) to the first 100 customers (no minimum purchase required). Established at Nakao Brewery in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1871, this highly-recommended junmai ginjo Seikyo mesmerizes you with its wine aroma and a round, smooth mouthfeel. This wonderful 720ml present is packed with pleasant surprises waiting to jump out at you like a Jack-in-the-box.


(Only 1 bottle is given away to the same customer regardless of the number of products purchased)
* The promotion closes when all 100 bottles have been claimed


Please visit SAKE ONLINE NOW!

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