Yamato Nadeshiko – Yuri





Name Yuri
Age 22
University student
Home town
The length of the stay 2 years

What do you insist on when comes to fashion?
I always wear boots. I first think of what boots to wear, then other items
What do you do on holidays? Check out cafes in the neighbourhood
Any place you would like to visit? Great Ocean Road. I still haven't been there before!
Which is your favourite cafe and restaurant? I don't know the name but it's a cafe located on the 1/F of Marriot Hotel
What is your goal?  To be able to master Chinese and English, have job that can utilize both languages


Today's Item:
Top: from Japan
Belt: FEMME Collection on Swanston Street $12
Skirt: from Japan
Boots: from Japan (a gift from my grandma)
Earrings: Sundaymart $8
Earrings: from city $12
Shawl: from Sydney $5



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