Yamato Nadeshiko – Natsuko





Name Natsuko
Age 19
Home town
The length of the stay  3 years
What is your  fips for fashion? 
I will wear similar colours at the same time. Also, I first decide on the style and then i coordinate.
Anything you enjoy doing recently? I am searching for stylish shops and restaurants
Which is your favourite cafe? 
I Hudson Coffee / San Churro
What do you want to try this year? 
Either stay at home or catch up with friends and go shopping alone


Today's Item:
One-piece dress: French Connection $120
Muffler: from Japan
Shoes: Side Walk Soul $100

Cardigan: Stussy $100
Belt: from Japan
Scarf: Second-hand shop from Adelaide $20
Bag: temt $25
Earrings: Sportsgirl $10




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