New Arrival!! Ito En beverage series

Since establishment in Japan in 1966, ITO EN has provided customers with delicious beverages that embody its emphasis on the gifts of nature. ITO EN developed the world's first Canned Oolong Tea in 1981 and followed this up in 1985 with Canned Green Tea. In the process, the Company successfully developed unsweetened beverages, a feat considered technologically impossible, and pioneered a market for such beverages in Japan that previously did not exist.

■Oi Ocha Green Tea 500ml / $2.20

Japanese NO.1 green tea brand "Oi Ocha" is authentically brewed from premium loose tea leaves, not from concentrate. All natural. No added colour or flavouring. (24bottles/carton)


■Jasmine Tea 500ml / $2.20

Ito En uses Jasmine flowers that have been picked when the blossoms are at the peak of their fragrance. All natural. No added colour or flavouring. (24bottles/carton)


■Veggie SHOT 898ml / $3.90

Vegetable juice 50%, fruit juice 50%.20 vegetable varieties and 3 fruits are blended. Contains Australian carrots. No added suger or salt. No preservatives. (12bottles/carton)

Veggie SHOT ("Jujitsu Yasai"in Japan) line was originally introduced in 1992 in Japan, and continues to grow in popularity. Based on the concept of mixing vegetable and fruit juices, ITO EN has made vegetable juices easier to drink and contributed significantly to the growth of the vegetable juice market.


Ito En


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