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New Course Information from Yamaha Music School.



Yamaha Group Keyboard Classes – Adults
New Adult Keyboard classes now open.

The adult keyboard course is perfect for older beginners or people who want to pick up where they may have left off many years ago. The eight week short course explores basic keyboard playing in a fun group environment.

Experience a variety of repertoire styles each lesson selected from pop, jazz and the classics. Learn how to use some of the fundamental functions of the electronic keyboard. Motivate and enhance your practice at home with MIDI or audio CD tracks to play along with.

•Etudes (Exercises and finger warm ups) in rhythm, finger and chord patterns – help to lay the foundations for the solo repertoire.
•Keyboard Repertoire enables the student to experience the joy of musical expression through playing solo pieces on the keyboard. Ensemble Repertoire pieces are also included.
•Music Theory (Music Dictionary) unlock the mystery of musical notation, learn about the theory behind the sound!
•Use of Keyboard Functions such as voice selection, finger chords, pitch bend and modulations and keyboard percussion. Enhance your immediate satisfaction – create a musical and professional sound.
•Music Appreciation – share your favourite music with the class and under the experienced guidance of your teacher.


*New* Adult Keyboard Course will be run at the Carnegie campus from 19th July.

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Yamaha Group Electric Guitar Classes
Yamaha’s Group Guitar Classes use Yamaha Guitar Encounters, a comprehensive course designed in the UK. It is the latest and most enjoyable way to learn to play electric guitar. Right from the first book you’ll be playing along with ‘killer’ backing tracks on the accompanying CD. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to play chords, melody lines and even begin improvising. Whether you are 9 or 99 Yamaha Guitar classes are for you – the FUN starts now! Parental attendance not required. Instrument supplied in class.

Please note that in 2010 Guitar, Drums and Violin classes will only be offered at the Yamaha Music School in Carnegie.

•Bands Sessions
•Rhythm Sessions
•Solo Repertoire
•Chord Learning
•Theory and Composing
* Age guidelines apply
^ Pricing may differ between states
*New* Adult Guitar will be run at the Carnegie campus from 23th July.

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Other Offers

Free information sessions

The best way to understand Yamaha’s approach towards music education is to join a Free Information Session. You will have the opportunity to talk with our teachers about your child’s needs and the benefits of Yamaha Music Education courses.


A group of children and parents join one of our teachers and share a mini lesson together. It an enjoyable experience for children and adults alike; with lots of fun musical activities including singing songs, learning the musical language of solfege, listening and moving to music plus playing the keyboard.


Free Information Sessions are conducted throughout the year at a range of different locations. The sessions are free of charge and without obligation. Come along and discover how enjoyable learning music at Yamaha Music Education Centre can be.

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