The dream dinner is… revealed now!

The legend was genuine, and the dishes that Iron Chef provided attracted all audiences, and the Iron Chef performance was able to excite them very much.


The popularity in Australia of chef Sakai and chef Chen has not stopped increasing, and the program of the original "Iron Chef" finished approximately ten years ago is broadcasted again many times in Australia. Japan made the program which dealt with cooking as a main theme of the TV program ahead of the world and had a great influence on Australia. Now televising "Master Chef", "My Kitchen Rules", and also Australia version "Iron Chef" was televised.


Chefs respect each other and got along well in the private as for the figure enjoying putter golf in the live image from the kitchen. The chef Sakai often eats out and seems often go to the restaurant of the chef Chen. The chef Chen went around the seats in his spare time and accepted photography willingly.


By the demonstration of Mapo Tofu by the chef Chen, the audience was able to look at the earnest look of the chef in the big laughter close. The knowledge including boiling tofu before putting it in a pan was brought to our senses. And he highly praised the handmade tofu which obtained this time on the stage.

This event realizes the collaboration with chef RACV City Club executive, Mark Normoyle. Each dishes was incorporated in the wine matching and also Kirin Megumi beer was served.


Duck Confit éclair, parfait dengaku sauce
Buckwheet coasted Yarra Valley chevre with truffle honey
Beetroot and basil marble with cured Tasmanian Salmon


1st course – Chef Sakai

with 2009 Phillip Shaw No.11 Chardonnay, Orange, NSW


2nd course – Chef Chen

with 2010 Petaluma Bridgewater Mill Pinot Grigio, Adelaide Hills, SA


3rd course – Chef Sakai

with 2008 Henschke Louis Semillon, Eden Valley, SA


4th course – Chef Mark Normoyle

with 2001 Redbank Winery Sally’s Paddock, Pyrenees Range, VIC


5th course – Chef Chen

with 2010 Bass Phillip Rose Pinot Noir, Gippsland, VIC


6th course – Chef Mark Normoyle

with 2010 Mitchelton Botrytis Riesling, Nagambie, VIC



The long-awaited event held for the first time in Melbourne became the unforgettable memory.

Special thanks to Lion Nathan, Chef Ikuei Arakane

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