Japanese Language Exchange

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to practise speaking Japanese without leaving Australia?

Japanese conversation clubs are highly recommended for learners and speakers of Japanese and help to deepen cultural exchange between Japanese and Australians.
Even if you aren’t yet confident with your language skills there will be many Japanese people who understand English who will be able to help you along the way.
In multicultural Melbourne these kinds of gatherings are taking place all the time.

Details such as times and venue are subject to change; so please be sure to check each club’s advertisements and homepages for the newest information.

For those who may be feeling worried about going since they won’t know what the atmosphere will be like please set your worries aside. For now on GoGoMelbourne plans to provide coverage on such clubs. The plan is for our staff to actually participate and provide you with information about the details, atmosphere and what to expect! Please look forward to hearing more from us!

Japanese / English Conversation Exchange

Name of Club Date Time Venue Fee
Melbourne Uni Japanese Club Every Tuesday PM1:15-PM2:15

Unit 330 Alice Hoy
The University of Melbourne


Every Tuesday

PM7:30- Please check on the website


meet up Every Tuesday PM7:00-PM9:00 Please check on the website                free
Japaneasy No2, No4 Tuesday PM7:00-PM9:00

Japaneasy, Level 4, 126 Russell Street, Melbourne
(between Lt Collins and Bourke St)

including drink
Shabero-kai No1, No3 Thursday PM6:30-PM8:30 Ross House Association,
247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
free for AJSV members, $3.00 for non-members
Peraperakai Every Thursday PM7:00-PM9:00 Manga-kan HowHow,
Suite 905/258 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
including drink

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