Adapting for Distortion & Haptic

“Like a tin man with oil flowing freely through his veins, Umeda mirrored the pulsating score with an accumulation of motion.” New York Times

Attune to the Earth

This exhibition Attune to the earth will investigate the relationship between the form and pattern of the volcanic action and what we experience from the red paper sculptural work. The colour of the human blood is red. I see the volcanic magma lava as the blood of the earth.

An Exhibition by Junko Azukawa

Renowned painter and calligrapher, Junko Azukawa, is presenting her exhibition Notes from the Heart at the Kazari Gallery in Prahran.

Darebin Music Feast Introduces: FUEFUKURO

The 2010 Darebin Music Feast is proud to host a special concert with Fuefukuro at the Northcote Town Hall on Friday 17th September, featuring accomplished performers Ayako Fujii, Hitomi Valentino and Ayako Sato.

Shakuhachi Flute concert

A feast of world music with performances of traditional and original Japanese pieces featuring the rare talents of Andrew MacGregor, master of the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute).


September is just around the corner and anticipation for REEL ANIME 2010 is at fever pitch. Featuring some of the hottest animated features, direct from Japan, the Reel Anime festival is an exciting showcase and your only chance to catch this much eye-popping anime on the big screen. The REEL ANIME 2010 program begins September 2nd and is in cinemas nationally for a strictly limited two week season.

Hanami(cherry blossom viewing) Picnic

It would be great to see you all at the annual Australia Japan Society of Victoria Hanami Picnic.
Hanami is the custom of viewing the beauty of flowers, but it mostly refers to the Sakura or Cherry blossom Japan’s official national flower.