Horse Bazaar

With the harmony of music, bar, technology and art mixing in this atmosphere, Horse Bazaar provides the ideal location for a night with mates drinking beers, wine or cocktails. However during the day, it becomes relaxed, modern and cosy atmosphere. Using the free Wi-Fi, with the sunlight shining in from the window, it will guarantee some relaxing time to do work even.


Named after the horse auction houses common during the 19th century Melbourne, Horse Bazaar combines elements of old and new. At one time Melbourne’s Bourke Street was lined with ‘horse bazaars’ and acted was a fundamental to the thriving horse-drawn economy.

Sadly the heritage has been largely forgotten, in late 1840, James Bowie Kirk established his own Kirk’s Horse Bazaar in Bourke Street. Initially Horse Bazaar was planned to be opened in this fantastic 19th century four storey warehouse building, the site of the original Kirk’s Horse Bazaar, which is how originally the bar was named after. But due to the vagaries of local councils and unnamed heads of planning departments, the plans were put aside until a new location was found. And at last, the plan became a success when the current location on 397 Little Lonsdale Street opened as “Horse Bazaar”.


This environment provides interesting layout. The main feature is the 20metre long white wall. 6 projectors are lit on this wall presenting local visual artist’s work and often used as a location for visual events. This is all from the courtesy of the owner, Mr. Justin Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt is a well known Visual Director, and the passion is very obvious when you see him using the projector to watch variety of visual works during opening hours.



The interior of the bar is mainly uses wood components and brings up the arty flavour. From the wavy design in the wooden walls to the Glass bar counter, everything is uniquely set with a character. With the warm orange lighting and the pale blue wall combined to the woody brown layout, everything becomes one piece.


(photo left) Ms Taka-co
(photo right) Mr Callum and Ms Taka-co

One of the partner owners, Taka-co, is the Japanese Head Chef here at Horse Bazaar. The Japanese dishes here create a great match to the alcoholic beverages served here. When we asked her opinion on Kirin Megumi Beer she mentioned “I love it! It is light and easy to drink. Really fits well with any kind of meal. Fish, meat, vegetarian… I love it.”

The Secondary Bar Manager Mr. Callum has commented “I think Australian people do enjoy Kirin Beer and I’ve got quite a lot of mates drink it. It’s got a quite dry nice flavour I quite enjoy it. It’s a nice Beer”

Every Thursday, there is the ‘All You Can Eat’ deal running for $25.00. This event very popular and often is you miss the timing, there is nothing left for you to grab. Japanese Sake, Wine and Beer (Carlton Draught) are all available as all you can drink, and you can enjoy this with Karage, Okonomiyaki and Wagyu Beef Steak.


For this time, the Chef’s selections to match Kirin Megumi Beer are the following 3 dishes.

(photo) Has the chilli taste matching the light dry Kirin Megumi flavour.

(photo) Premium Wagyu with a salad as the side dish.

(photo) Steamed then pan fried, a dish with a little touch of effort. The chilli sauce matches well.


With familiar menu line up and artistic layout, this location is certainly worth visiting. They offer DJ’s everyday and live music to provide an enjoyable experience. A great contributor to Melbourne’s Visual Art community is worth watching as well!

Horse Bazaar
Address: 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
TEL: 03 9670 2329

Trading Hours:
Monday - Thursday 11:00AM - late
Friday 11:00AM - 3:00AM
Saturday 6:00PM - 3:00AM
Sunday Private Functions Only

Every Monday Wagyu Beef Steak Night with Beer $15.00
Every Tuesday Massage and Gyoza 10 min / $10.00 20 min / $20.00 30 min / $30.00
Every Thursday All You Can Eat $25.00


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