【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Works with Vietnamese cooking too!

What shall we have for lunch today?

Making lunch on holidays can be tricky.
Why not cook Vietnamese noodles, your strongest ally in times of trouble!


There are only three main ingredients: rice noodles (ho fun), beef soup stock, and gluten-free organic tamari soy sauce.


Everything goes straight into the pot! Add hot water to boil, and leave it for five minutes. The noodles should be nice and soft.



Toppings are up to you. Meat and vegetables, seafood, seaweed on egg, leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. Add anything; you’re sure to have empty bowls. The extract of the gluten-free organic tamari soy sauce is to die for. Japanese-Western styles work with Vietnamese cooking too!



Stir fry, marinade, soup and salad; your cooking skills can only go UP.
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by Kurilui


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