【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 What’s Pickled Plums?

Pickled plums aka Ume Boshi is a fermented food of which plums are dried in the sun, pickled and preserved in salt. It is the food which is familiar so that it may be said that each family always has it in Japan. It is had always ready as a specific medicine from the Edo era, and there were a lot of folk remedies, but, as for the pickled plum sold in supermarkets, a seasoning pickled plum is common now.

The pickled plum is apt to seem an acid food because of sourness, but, in fact, is an alkaline food. The organic acid (including citric acid, picric acid and etc) which is an ingredient of the sourness causes a strong acid reaction in stomach and the bowels, and prevents the growth of bacteria, but it changes to alkaline before It enters into blood through the bowels, and blood circulation system improves by alkalinity in the blood rising and acts for various diseases effectively.


◆ Health benefits

Keeping blood alkalescent

You can keep blood alkalescent by eating a pickled plum and effective in becoming the smooth blood. In addition, you can expect maintaining a liver function normally and bringing a beauty effect (prevention of aging) at the same time.


Recovery from fatigue

The citric acid smoothens metabolism in the process when food turns into energy and exhausts a waste material to the outside the body. In addition, it has an effect to improve internal absorption factor of calcium.


Regulation of the intestine function, Bactericidal action

The catechinic acid in the pickled plums can expect to regulate the intestine function as well as the function of antibacterial sterilization. It is for this purpose that mothers put pickled plums in a lunch box in Japan.



It is effective to help with the function of kidney and liver by picric acid and citric acid, and also effective in relieving motion sickness, hangover, and food poisoning.


Blood sugar level decline action

By rising the function of insulin and lowering blood sugar level, it is expected for the diabetes prevention, the high fat pressure symptom prevention.


Healthy tripe, Stomach cancer prevention

Secretion of the stomach viscous liquid is promoted not to hurt stomach and tripe is protected when brain feels sour stimulation. In addition, one of the ingredients is effective in restraining the Helicobacter pylori which are a cause of the stomach cancer.


Action to saliva

Because various enzymes such as a digestive enzyme coming out by stimulation such as the food are included in stimulation saliva, those enzymes restrain the active enzyme causing aging and cancer.


Protecting blood vessel from UV rays

It can be expected the effect that a light immunosuppressive action is improved against UVB wave irradiation by eating a pickled plum. Eating a pickled plum for breakfast prevents the damage of the blood vessel by the UV rays in the daytime because capillary is damaged under the UV rays.

◆ Recipes

Let's try folk remedies with a pickled plum!


Coarse Tea with Pickled Plum

To prevent cold, high blood pressure, hangover and etc.

1.  Smash a pickled plum after removing a seed.
2. Place smashed plum in a tea cup and pour hot green tea.
3. Add honey or sugar for your preference.


Pickled Plum Green Tea

Adjustment of the stomach and intestines, for diarrhea.

1. Smash a pickled plum after removing a seed.
2. Put the smashed plum into a tea cup and add a little powder of green tea
    (can be used grounded green tea leaves), then pour hot water.
3. The effect improves more when adding a little vinegar.


Pickled Plum Drink

For loss of appetite, relieving fatigue

1. Remove seeds of two or three pickled plums and grind.
2. Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of brown sugar, and pour 200ml hot water and stir well.


There are a lot of health benefits to take in a pickled plum, but let's take in two plums a day because overeating causes excessive salt intake.


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◆ For the health of unborn babies and pregnant women

The reason why wanting something sour in pregnancy 2-3 months seems that the mother's body which instinctively requires citric acid to raise fixation of calcium which is necessary for the build formation of unborn babies. Please eat pickled plums or plum extract.

The citric acid included in the plum takes in calcium which is hard to be absorbed and improves a fixation power. In addition, lactic acid burns by eating regularly and becomes the energy, and there is an effect in constipation cancellation, the health of both mother's and baby’s bodies. But please do not overeat.


Refreshing acidity is appetizing in hot summer. To eat pickled plums prevents suffering from summer heat.
Please give a try to pickled plums.



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