【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 What’s Daikon Radish?

Radish is a cruciferous vegetable that is a Mediterranean origin.

▲ flower of daikon radish

In China, red meat "red fresh radish”, in Spanish pure black skin "black radish" etc., radish is produced all over the world as various shapes and colours. In Egypt around 2500 BC, radish was also recorded as were eaten during the construction of pyramids. Radish has a very long history.

In Japan, about 95% of "green neck radish" varieties are produced. Now introducing Japanese Daikon Radish with health benefits, cooking tips and how to store.


>> Nutrient Composition and Health Benefits

Amylase digestive effect,  regulate the functions of the intestines
Dietary Fibre prevent colorectal cancer, anti-aging
Pungent ingredient (isothiocyanate) prevent thrombosis
Vitamin C prevent skin spots and freckles, strength immune system, promote to break down alcohol, prevent cancer
Vitamin P prevent stroke






>> How to Choose

Select daikon radish with leaves because leaf has rich nutrition. Those that are hollow when folding in the middle leaf stalks should be avoided.

Choose part of the root is white and circular, covered with glossy. And pick the ones that are heavily weighted without fibril and dimples.


>> How to Store

Store a radish right temperature 5 ℃. Be stored in the refrigerator wrapped in newspaper and wrap to keep moisture.


>>How to Cook

Radish taste varies by part. Let’s cook well.

Leaves  recommended to cook on the day you purchased. To make pickles, rice added finely chopped leaves, salt and soy sauce, or light flavour soup
Neck Pungency is weak and the part is hard. Good for radish salad or grated radish dressed with soy sauce
Middle Good for a stew because of natural sweetness.


Tip Miso soup, pickles, strong flavour stew or use as spice


Skin Use after washing well. They has as twice vitamins as inside.  


+ Daikon Radish Infused in Honey Syrup

Radish is good for the throat as a folk remedy. As a cough syrup to prevent a cold, when eating to excess or against dyspepsia, why don’t you make this syrup for your health?

①Cut radish into matchstick size; Fill into a jar.
②Pour honey until just covering radish; covered
③Store one night under a cool dark place.

Good to drink straight, also add lemon juice or ginger, and dilute with hot or cold water.



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