Aka tombo

With warmth of elegant greenish brown coloured grain and soft white of washi (Japanese paper), not too fancy but not too modern, Aka tombo is an elegant and cozy Japanese restaurant in Prahran. You can see its soft lights on and locates on Greville street where you can turn into from the busy Chapel street.



Mr. Akira Kageyama

Chef Kageyama wearing a Japanese traditional chef cloth, is sedulous to cook with his keen eyes. His look makes the air intense and serious as if no one can approach him close. His professional attitude appears to the taste of his food as well.

Born in Shizuoka, chef Kagayama went to Okinawa to become a cook and learned there for three years. After that, he wanted to learn more as a professional, not just working in a easy-going atmosphere and went to Kyoto. After seven years of working and training in Kyoto, to make his dream come true, which was challenging himself internationally, Chef Kagayama came to Melbourne. It has been seven years since opening of Akatonbo and lots of regular customers loves the restaurant.

The most important thing for chef Kageyama is a selection of food.
“Fish we use at this restaurant is the best in Melbourne. I can say that loud and I am confident about it”.
Says chef Kageyama.
His confidence shows costumer critique too. This restaurant receives good rating on Good Food Guide each year. The restaurant is said to be a good example of 'small is beautiful!!' theory (2008).


He does not like make lots of food at once and leave them for next time so he cooks after taking orders. He cooks each meal for each customer therefore it might keep customer waiting however, customers with real taste turn out to this place because they know they can have a moment and sensation to have this carefully-prepared foods.

Ninety percent of customers are local and some of them even show up three times a week. Some of the regular customers use this restaurant as to have a regular meal. The taste of these people who are not just missing home are very honest.

Asian spinach mushroom with light soy source $11.00 (only available for dinner)

Soft shell crab sushi roll
Hand roll $7.00 Small roll 4pcs. $11.00 Large roll 8pcs. $20.00

Sushi Sashimi combination

for 1 persion, 4 nigiri sushi 7 pcs sashimi $34.00

Chef Kageyama tells us about impression of Kirin megumi.
“The taste is refreshing, clear, not too heavy but no too light. It's got a good taste. Probably even ladies and those people who are not used to Japanese foods would like it”.
He says the luxurious taste of Kirin megumi is similar to Japanese sake. Those meals chef Kageyama chose are two meals that go well with Japanese sake and soft shell crab with a deep flavour that can engage with Kirin megumi.

His goal is to do kaiseki ryori (traditional Japanese style of seafood meal set) in Melbourne. He serves kaiseki ryori now when requested but he is thinking of having it on his regular meal menu.
“I also want to bring in more seasonal foods like we do in Japan. Ingredients that I can get in Australia does not have a feeling of seasons."


aka tombo
205 Greville Street, Prahran VIC 3181
TEL: (03) 9510 0577
Business hours: 12:00AM-2:30PM / 6:00PM-10:00PM

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