Yuzu from Kochi – Spring Dinner Event

One night celebrating yuzu from Kochi prefecture at WA MODERN!

Spring in Melbourne. It’s the season where you want to dress up and go out, right?

TRYBER Pty Ltd (Japan in Melbourne’s operating company) is hosting a dinner event so that you can celebrate this invigorating season with yuzu from Kochi prefecture!

Yuzu has been introduced into Australian cooking circles this year, and is fast gaining a favourable reputation as a new ingredient (see our article,  ‘A PR Event to Promote Yuzu coming to Australia‘).

Our partner restaurant for this event is the WA MODERN Japanese restaurant in Malvern, which opened in mid-July. As the name suggests, WA MODERN offers modern Japanese cuisine. It is highly recommended by the Japan in Melbourne food writers.

entrance    restarant

The event will include a special six-course food menu, with a focus on yuzu from Kochi prefecture. The menu is the creation of WA MODERN’s head chef, Masa Harada:

  • Deep fried katsuo tofu
  • Sauteed plum and Okure ‘Tosa’ fine noodles
  • Salmon salad with a yuzu dressing
  • Tosa sushi
  • Chicken leg with yuzu zest and chilli peppers and rice
  • Yuzu buttermilk pancakes with yuzu syrup

dish    sake

There will also be tastings of the local sake from Kochi and Kirin beer! Please note that there will be a drink restriction per person.
The dinner event will cost $50 per person. Ticket sales will stop when the maximum amount of tickets are sold (tickets will be limited to approximately 30-40), so please hurry!
Head chef Masa Harada:

Career: 30 years experience as a chef
After spending four years in Osaka specialising in Beijing cuisine, Mr Harada moved to Taiwan in 1984 to study Taiwanese cuisine and the art of seafood. He came to Australia with the dream of travelling around on his bicycle. Mr Harada worked primarily in Japanese restaurants throughout the period of his working holiday here. After that, he returned to Kyoto, where he worked in French and Italian restaurants. In 2001, Mr Harada came back to Australia, and has been working here as a chef since then.




WA MODERN Japanese restaurant
15 Glenferrie Road, Malvern 3144
From 6pm on Tuesday the 11th of November, 2014.
For inquiries and ticket reservations, please call (03) 9500 8222.

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