Yamato Nadeshiko - Mona

Lovely, delicate yet strong at heart. Caring and thoughtful, endurant and moral, together with wisdom, Yamato Nadeshiko (Japanese Dianthus), is the synonym of an idealized Japanese lady.
Let’s get some fashion and beauty tips from the chic Japanese Ladies on the streets of Melbourne every Thursday!

Drunk Talk: 3. Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Omachi

Seikyo (true mirror), which is getting popular at Dan Murphy’s recently, a gem that embedded with the wish to reflect the sincerity of the brewers, which looks like a mirror when poured in a glass.

Sipping with the Sake Master = Shochu – Discover Japan’s other great drink =

Shochu – Discover Japan’s other great drink

Whilst most Australians are familiar with sake, shochu is an often overlooked and under appreciated Japanese drink. Shochu is a distilled spirit commonly made from rice, barley, soba (buckwheat), sweet potato or brown sugar. Many other obscure variants exist including carrot, tomato, chestnut and even milk!

Premium Sake Tasting - Kikizake Vol.8

The long awaited Premium Sake Tasting Event - Kikizake Vol.8 took place at Sake & Grill MAEDAYA on 5 February, 2011. Sake Master Toshi MAEDA gave us a lecture on the sake basics, namely, history & background, sake grades, making process and regional characteristics, while sampling 6 different premium sakes with Japanese light snacks (otsumami).