【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 What’s Satsumaage?

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Satsumaage is one of the deep-fried fish paste cakes. It was good as a disposal method of fish which is too small to cook for sashimi or simmered dishes, or have a lot of small bones in it when high fish catches.

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Mothers called out to peddler to purchase small fish cheaply and made fried fish paste cakes and seemed to feed their children. Satsumaage was right Mother’s cooking taste.

There were various opinions in the origin of fried fish paste cakes , and there was the opinion which spread out by Ryukyu(Okinawa) dish, devised as one of the fish dishes in reference to a cake of pounded fish or tempura in the Edo era, and was taste got close to people from old days .

By the way, what a fish used for fried fish paste cakes?  Generally, it made from cod, twine threads, small horse mackerel, small mackerel and flying fish like a kamaboko product, and lizard fish, pike conger, red snapper, splendid alfonsino, rockfish and bonito is used for a superior Satsumaage. Shark was used to be an ingredient before, too!

When it is said whether you can make delicious Satsumaage with only one kind of fish, it is not so and thinks about the characteristic of each fish and combines it in the ratio of uniformity. The differences in the combination ratio of the taste become different.

It is the feature of Satsumaage that it is kneaded Kagoshima local sake when producing fish paste. The Kagoshima local sake resembles mirin sweet sake in taste more indulgently than any other sake. The unique sweetness and golden colour of satsumaage is influence of the sake. Furthermore, it may be said that it is the feature to use canola oil for frying oil. The canola oil is one of the oldest vegetable oil in Japan used from the Azuchimomoyama era(1558-1600), and bring out taste of the ingredients in.

▼Health Benefit

  • Activation of the brain, Prevention and Improvement of Dementia
    The DHA included in fish raises concentration and judgement.
  • Arteriosclerosis Prevention, Stroke Prevention
    EPA , DHA and vitamins included in fish meat, and oleic acid included in the canola oil control acylglycerol and are effective in removing blood cholesterol
  • Cancer Disease Prevention, Allergic Prevention
    It is said that oleic acid, EPA, and vitamins are effective in controlling cancer-causing action.


▼How to Eat Recommendation

Burn the surface lightly, and soak ginger soy sauce or soy sauce with grated wasabi


With seasonal vegetables as a fried dishes, simmered dishes


Oden and other hot pot

Abundant ingredients are kneaded together to make satsumaage. Carrots and sweet potatoes, cheese, green laver, Chinese chive; including cloud ear mushrooms and lotus roots… With a cuttlefish and octopus may give you enjoy the difference of the texture. The form is various with circle, square, small oval, and straw rice bag shape too.

Satsumaage vary in a flavour by an ingredient and are food to be able to enjoy from a child to grandfathers and grandmothers.



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