Heartfelt messages from everyone! MEGA SWIM 2012 Aus X Jpn Team Takes the Challenge!


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Feel it! Our passion embedded in the strokes and the kicks.
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There are times where people break down, worry, dwell in pain and sorrow when the more than ordinary daily life can no longer be taken for granted.

There must be someone who is dear to us: our beloved family and friends, our work mates and important connections in the society.

There is a fair chance that unresolvable issues or unexpected misfortune befall the people who are closest to us or even we ourselves.

Let's rethink -
The bond between family members; The tie between friends; The connection with society.

Nobody can ever live alone.

There is an instance when we realize that no one on earth can live alone.

The painful fact that we live in a world where no such thing as "certainty" or "100%", sends you an impluse to scream out the name of someone in your heart till your throat dries up.

Holding hands with your love or tucking in your percious child is the moment when we notice the existance of love and peace.

Probably not an illusion but perhaps the moment when the pulse echoing slowly with the affection in humanity.

When you are feeling the warmth and kindness from someone, it is in fact the feeling of warmth and kindness within yourself at the same time.

The things we could do might be minimal.

BUT, I notice there are things we actually can do.



The single stoke and kick in the pool is full of power and strength. From left to right, inhale as much air as possible and keep on swimming like nobody's business.

One's effort is another's courage.

One's support is another's energy to live.

I could not be more glad to have all your support.


Jun Hasegawa from TRYBER PTY LTD (GOGO Melbourne)


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"Let's do it this year again, the 24 Hour Mega Swim!"

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease of unknown cause and treatment that continues to increase as much as 7% per year. The number of patients is exceptional high here in Australia, onset in the 30s.

Please imagine: Having a family of your own, in your prime time at work, working towards your dream and think the world is your oyster and just then, you fall into despair diagnosed with an incurable disease.

The purpose of 24 Hour Mega Swim is to o fundraise for people living with MS. It is a great event for all ages and abilities. It does not matter how long or fast you can swim for nor whether you can do 100 laps. This is no competition. Everyone put  in their own effort is what it matters.

Your donation, your effort in the pool and your kind support will get things going.

Masahiko Iga - Representative of "Heart of Japan" Team

When: 24-hours from 21 Apr 2020 noon (Sat)
Where: Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, Albert Park VIC
Website: www.megaswim.com


■Heart of Japan
Messages of Hope for Japan: www.ganbare-nippon.org.au
Inquiry for participating・Volunteering・Supporting:
[email protected]
Donate here:http://events.megaswim.com/?Heart+Of+Japan


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