【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 What’s Burdook Root?

Burdock  is a kind of roots, and has a strong alkaline. Its season is in the early winter and early summer. In Japan, Korea and some other Asian councty, eating mainly roots, in Europe eating young leaves, roots are also used as a herbal Chinese medicine for skin diseases.


>> Nutrient Composition and Health Benefits

Polyphenol antioxidative effect, prevention of cancer, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure
Dietary Fibre constipation
Inulin improvement of renal function, regulation of the functions of the intestines
Arginine keeping sexual hormone balance
Iron blood formation, prevention of anaemia
Olygosaccharide cholesterol control, strengthen immune system
Others: Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin B1/B2/C


>> How to Choose

Straight, less fibril and clean skin burdock should be chosen. Burdocks which are too thick, have cracks and dark roots of leaves should be avoided.


>> How to Store

So hard when dry. Good with mud to maintain flavour and freshness, as it wrapped in newspaper and store in well-ventilated cool, dark place.

Washed burdock freshness easily falls than those with mud. So wrapped with cling wrap in a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator crisper, consume for several days by not drying.



>> Recipes

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+ Burdock Root Mayo Salad
+ Burdock and Soybean Curd Covered with Egg
+ Kinpira Sauteed Burdock Root
+ Japanese Pilaf


>> Cooking Tips

Burdock has strong harshness as it may, let remove scum exposing to water or vinegar water. Flavour and nutrients fall by the removal harshness, not required if do not care.

So much rich flavour ingredients and nutrients close to the skin, you may want to take and then not peel the skin by carefully washing the soil.

Boil with a small amount of vinegar to prevent darkening. Cooked and stewed food is also handy as side dishes if being sopped up stew taste thoroughly.


* Burdock roots can be bought vietnamese groceries and others.


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