【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 NEW ARRIVALS: Ito En Tea Leaves and Tea Bags series

ITO EN started out as a specialist tea manufacturer. Not only is ITO EN Japan's top brand in the ready-to-drink green tea market, it is also Japan's No. 1 seller of tea leaves (including tea bags and instant tea products), a large proportion of which is marketed under the Oi Ocha brand. These products cater to the needs of a wide range of consumers, from those wanting a traditional kyusu (Japanese teapot)-infused tea, to those wanting the freshness of home-brewed tea combined with the convenience of a tea bag or instant tea.

A range of tea types and flavours are included in the Tea leaves line-up, including teas from specific growing regions and harvest times. Oi Ocha tea leaves are renowned for their authenticity, naturalness, flavour and aroma, setting the standard for leaf green tea sold in Japan.

Tea bag products and instant tea products are particularly convenient for making the perfect single cup of ryokucha or matcha-infused green tea as well as many other variations.


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■Green Tea Drink (Oi Ocha Koi Aji) 500ml $3.20/ 500ml x 24btls $76.80


Fresh and strong natural flavour including natural catechin 400mg


Ito En Japanese Premium Green Tea Bags 20 Bags $10.00

Easy to enjoy premium green tea. 1 tea bag for 2 serves.


■Japanese Green Tea (Ichibantsumi Umami Noukou) 100g $19.90

First picked leaves with rare tea leave Okumidori blend. Enjoy bright green and rich umami taste.


■Oi Ocha Genmaicha with Maccha (Uji Matcha iri Genmaicha) $6.70

Picked coarse tea leaves in autumn with roasted rice and Uji green tea powder.


■Oi Ocha Green Tea Powder 100p $25.00

Instant green tea powder. Dilute with hot water. One serve (100ml) contains 44mg catechin.


■Oi Ocha Japanese Green Tea with Maccha (Matcha iri Ryokucha) 100g $9.20

Rich flavour green tea with green tea powder.


■Roasted Barley Tea (Tennen Mineral Mugicha) 20p $6.10

Roasted barley, malt and barley soaked in deep-ocean water which gives rich and sweet flavour. Caffeine free.


■Roasted Barley Tea bags (Kaori Kaoru Mugi Cha) 54p $8.00

Extract in water or hot water. Caffeine free. Barley dry roasted twice after steamed provide more rich flavour and taste than other barley tea.


Ito En: http://www.itoen.com.au/




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