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"What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - Act II Scene II, Romeo and Juliet

Your fellow member, a sweet 17-year-old, Rose attended the Armageddon Expo 2011 on our behalf and wrote this report.


The Armageddon Expo finally hit Melbourne after touring around Sydney, Adelaide and New Zealand for the past few months. Science-fiction, Comic, Anime and “pop culture” Fans from all over the world gathered at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, where the Expo was hosting cosplay parades, VIP talk-shows with guests (like with Mark Sheppard from Doctor Who and Supernatural!!), live music concerts, live wrestling and much more!

Fortunately for me, I was able to attend the last day of the weekend event. I must confess that I had originally though that the Armageddon Expo was very comic and science-fiction focused, however as soon as I got to the event, my assumption was immediately proved wrong.

Sweet Lolita

Sailor Moon
Who said Armageddon was only for sci-fi/comic fans?

Although I entered the Expo very early in the morning, there was already a literal ocean of people there; many in impressive costumes, (ones that made them look as if they had jumped straight out of a film!). I walked around aimlessly, staring at all the items on sale at the stalls (dear reader, please remind yourself to bring enough money to these sort of conventions, or else you’ll be stuck like how I was, standing there staring at items I wish I could pay for) while trying not to miss any stalls (as there were so many!). After walking around the entire venue around three times I was still not convinced that I had seen every single stall yet. As I was about to walk around for the fourth time, a sudden announcement caught my attention and sent me racing straight to the main-stage area!

Apparently, a live band was going to be performing video-game music covers, as well as theme-songs from sci-fi movies and more! So, I arrived at the stage and sat in the audience, guessing in my head what songs they were going to play. Being a massive fan of Pokemon (yes, I know it’s sad!) and The Legend of Zelda, I hoped they’d play some songs from two games!

And that’s exactly why I became an instant fan when the band began to rock out on stage to the Pokemon battle soundtrack as well as the Legend of Zelda theme. The band was named “Technodrome” and they were extremely talented! I really hope to hear more from them in the future. All of their covers were full of character and it got many of the audience members very excited (some even danced next to the band!). If you would like to hear some of their covers you can find the Pokemon Battle theme here:; as well as Technodrome’s medley of Nintendo tunes (including Legend of Zelda theme!!) here:

At this point, I had only been at the convention for around an hour, and it was clearly not just a Science-fiction/Comic event!

So, after the concert it was time to walk around again. This time round however, I discovered a stall hidden in the side of the Expo called the “Bad Ladies Boutique”. Lots of vintage clothes as well as burlesque style lingerie and accessories hung around everywhere and I knew I had found something interesting.

The “Bad Ladies Boutique” was selling clothing designed by Melbourne-based designer Emile Gray. However, I soon found out that there was more to “The Bad Ladies”. The kind ladies working there told me about how they are also an agency ran by women, for women. They house all sorts of entertainers; alternative models, burlesque performers, circus performers, dancers, designers, artists, promoter photographers (everything!!) and on top of that, they also host and produce their own shows!

That day at their stall, not only were “The Bad Ladies” selling clothing and accessories, they were also doing mini-photoshoots at a discount price. I got to see some photos that they had taken and was so intrigued by the creativity and different styles of photo-shoots they had done. I have definitely been inspired by them! Want to be inspired too? Just take a peek at their photograph gallery here:

Two girls working at the boutique! They were very lovely and friendly!

By that time, I was feeling pretty hungry so I began making my way to the “café” (which, by the way, was the only thing I could find without getting rather lost; my sense of direction is absolutely appalling!) On my way however, I came across another stall that I must have missed before. I found a little stall selling hand-made false nails that had been “candied” (in other words, decorated very nicely) by shopkeeper Candy herself! Candy was originally from Adelaide however her nail designs had derived from Japanese nail art. I was fascinated with her sets of false nails so I bought a set myself (as I’m hopeless at nail art)! She obviously enjoyed her work very much and is very creative (she was also wearing a pretty skirt that she made herself also!)! I was glad to meet so many creative and interesting people at this convention~

After I stuffed myself with food so I had enough energy to last me for the rest of the day, I noticed a massive line of people all queuing up to see something, so I followed through to the beginning of the line and there was Kevin Conroy, the voice actor for Batman!

Kevin Conroy signing photos and talking to his fans!
When I turned around I also saw a long line of people queuing up to get signatures from voice actors from Dragon Ball Z, Bakugan and Naruto!

As my day at Armageddon was nearing its end, I started to get a bit exhausted from all the walking, so I dropped by at a VIP talk-show! When I walked in all I saw was Mark Sheppard standing there, his father sitting on stage, and everyone laughing. Mark Sheppard is renowned for his role, Crowley in the TV series Supernatural. He has also played roles in Doctor Who, CSI and Star Trek: Voyager. His father, Morgan Sheppard also has played roles in Doctor Who and Star Trek, like his son, making them two of the few actors that have played roles in both TV series!
Although I was not a huge fan, I was still very excited to be able to interact with them both! Mark Sheppard was extremely entertaining (as he was kind of hosting the entire show). Audience members had the chance to ask questions directly to the guests, which (you could tell from their faces) made fans crazily happy, which is totally understandable! Mark Sheppard made hilarious remarks after many comments and questions made by the audience and everyone had a great time.

The talk-show eventually ended, and there were no more events for the day. As I felt my stomach growl at me again, I headed for the stall where I had seen a “3 for $1” sign sitting on top of a basket of chocolate bars. The woman who sold me the chocolate ended up giving me about 6 chocolate bars instead of 3, which made me incredibly happy (my stomach also was very happy about this). As I walked out of Armageddon I knew that I’d be back next year (maybe even in cosplay!). Although the event was apparently comic/sci-fi focused, that is totally not the case. The event is for anyone who likes “pop culture”; or really, anyone who wants to have fun!

So, hope to see you all next year!


From left to right: Selena, Daniel and Mark.

Selena’s Interview:

How did you get into cosplay?
Selena: Well I went to Manifest. And I saw people dressed in like really weird things and I was like “Wow!” and then, I vowed to cosplay by the next con which was Armageddon, like 2 years ago and then I was like, “Wow, this is really fun” although people give me weird looks!

What character are you cosplaying today?
Selena: Meruru from “Ore no Imouto ha Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai”

How long have you been cosplaying and what’s your favourite character to cosplay?
Selena: About 2 years and also, this is probably my favourite, because this is the first costume that I made by myself!

Daniel’s Interview:

How did you get into cosplay?
Daniel: I just went to a lot of conventions and blended in!

What character are you cosplaying today?
Daniel: Beyond Birthday from Death note!

How long have you been cosplaying and what’s your favourite character to cosplay?
Daniel: About 2 years now… I just like cosplaying characters with interesting looks and awesome weapons!

Do you buy or make your costumes?
Daniel: I usually make my own weapons!

Mark’s Interview:

How did you get into cosplay?
Mark: I was bored! I was watching Anime, and I got bored… and was like “Hmmm, I wonder what it would be like to cosplay that character”. So my thought turned into an action. So I started cosplaying.

So do you cosplay mostly girl characters?
Mark: Always! Because girls are prettier than the guys!

What character are you cosplaying today?
Mark: Kirisame Marisa from Touhou Project.

How long have you been cosplaying and what’s your favourite character to cosplay?
Mark: I’ve been cosplaying for around a year, and with the character, it’s hard to say. I have a lot of characters I want to cosplay and have cosplayed before. So, it really depends in the mood that I’m in, like right now I feel like Marisa… that’s why I’m dressed like Marisa.

Do you buy or make your costumes?
Mark: I buy all of my costumes.



Rose Yagami

Age: 17

Occupation: Melbourne University Student, Pianist, Singer, Graphic designer, Wedding stylist

Why do you like Japan?
I have always had a fascination with Japan. From a young age I was constantly exposed to Japanese culture through anime, manga, music and fashion. Now I often perform songs and dances in Japanese as well as draw my own fashion designs inspired by Harajuku trends. I also read lots of manga, and hope to live in Japan in the near future.

How long have you been studying Japanese?
I have been studying Japanese for around 3 years at school. I now take Japanese lessons every week to keep up my language skills.



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