UMAMI is the home brand of DAIWA FOOD. UMAMI products that provide good quality food at reasonable prices is selected what we can provide to you with confidence.

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 Among these products, UMAMI Teriyaki sauce is a Daiwa Food product jointly developed with the original manufacturer.


 “Teriyaki" is the one of cooking methods applied to the food while baking with sweet sauce which is based on soy sauce. From tinged with glossy surface of the sauce ingredients with sugar, "shine” called TERI in Japanese name comes with.

In Japan, fish and meat are often used in cooking or abroad are mainly used in cooking meat. Enjoying a taste popularized at home in Australia has been established.


It is often used for chicken and yellowtail; tuna, bonito, salmon, trout, mackerel, eel goes well with the teriyaki sauce. Also recommended for use in BBQ Party! Simply put this source to grilled meats and enjoy different BBQ taste.

There is such as Angus Beef Burger in Australian McDonald's original menu, also Teriyaki Burger as Japanese original menu.

If you have this sauce, you would enjoy Japanese taste at home. Even salad dressed through is delicious; you can use as a sauce for mitarashi dango dumplings. Please have a taste.

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