Dried shiitake mushrooms have a wonderful smoky flavour and a meaty texture.

They are one of the most culinary versatile mushrooms for their economical price. It is also said that shiitake mushrooms are the best all around dried mushrooms.


■ By being dried out…

When make shiitake mushrooms dry, smell and taste will be concentrated, and the amount of them will increase more than raw shiitake.  Especially increases the amount of vitamin D2.


■ Good Source of Fibre…

Surprise! Dried shiitake contains 10 times of dietary fibre of fresh shiitake mushrooms! !

→Dietary fibre has preventive effects such as constipation and excessive intake of energy. That is a very effective diet.

→Because of large amount of vitamin B2 contained, easily get beautiful skin.


■ Prevention of high blood pressure and more…

because of the effect of cholesterol excretion and blood pressure adjustment, can be expected for prevention of lifestyle diseases such as atherosclerosis and hypertension.

There are rich in potassium to lower blood pressure.

■Improve immune system , the effect of lentinan is:

→Activate lymphocytes as an indicator of power to protect the body (immune system) from invaders.

→Develop resistance to viral diseases such as cold.

→Antitumour effect


■ Prevention of osteoporosis in the "calcium x vitamin D"…

Vitamin D has worked to increase absorption of calcium. The dried shiitake is about nine times including fresh shiitake mushroom!  Incidentally, if dried shiitake is put in the sun before eating, the effect can be doubled.


Making the dashi soup stock, or use the soaking liquid, and also used to stewing food and preserved tsukudani paste in soy after soaking.

It might take extra effort to make dashi, but good dashi makes your Japanese dishes taste much better.


+ How to Rehydrate Dried Mushrooms

1. Put dried mushrooms in a colander and remove dust from the mushrooms.
2. Place cleaned dried mushrooms in a bowl. Pour water to cover the mushrooms.
3. Put a drop-lid.
4. Put it in the refrigerator and soak for a few hours or overnight, depending on the kind of shiitake mushrooms,
    until softened.
5. Drain, reserving the water which can be used as dashi soup stock.

+ Tips

Rehydrating in cold water brings out good flavours of shiitake mushrooms.

+ How to Store

Refrigerate to keep good colour and flavour.



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